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Why are our Sacred Trees such a Blessing?

Grandmother Sunflower says to begin Shamanism with a simple journey connecting to the Spirit of the personal Sacred Tree. We are here because we are ready, and the Tree will give us our first initiation – merging. As we interweave with the Tree, we change energetic form. We step onto the Shamanic path and remember. The Tree is our portal to all the Shamanic dimensions. At SpiritHealer, it is central to everything we do. For me, everything begins with my listening to my Spirit Guides and doing as they recommend and so we start every session with exactly this – connecting to our Sacred Tree.

In our first journey in Sacred Roots, we begin in a place in nature that we know and can remember well, and we open our imagination to remember all the details, and we ask the Spirits of the place to help us remember even more. This is not just a nature meditation. It is an invitation for the Spirits of the place that is sacred to us, to come and connect with us and teach us about the Spirit World beyond the shimmering surface between the worlds. The Sacred Tree is waiting, just beyond the veil.

While you may feel like you are having a nice guided meditation, it is SO MUCH MORE! You experiencing the connection to your Compassionate Spirit Guides and beginning your new life with them.

Sacred Tree

Discovering your Sacred Tree

One of the most important Spirit Guides for us is actually a TREE! Our Sacred Tree grounds us in Non-Ordinary Reality (Micheal Harner’s term for the Shamanic Spirit World). It becomes a safe place, a portal, a loving friend, and a mystical bridge between heaven and earth, and between Spirit and Form. It’s really all of that! A one stop shop for everything –

Once you have gotten settled, I will ask you if there is a tree that you connect with. Perhaps one from your memory, or one that remembers you. The tree that becomes apparent to you may have no relationship to the nature place! But it is the perfect tree for you.

This tree is a real tree, and the Spirit of that tree lives outside of time (just as our spirits live outside of time, even though at the moment we are incarnate.) Even though this tree may be an oak, or a spruce, it is also an expression of the World Tree, and/or of Yggdrasil, or the Kabbala Tree of Life. This is the first mystery of Shamanism – how we can be individuals and also expressions of the huge mystical over story of the Spirits and Creation.

The Tree of Life in the Kabbala and Western Mysticism is completely central to the whole mystical description of life, the universe and everything (thanks Douglas Adams).

Yggdrasil is the sacred world tree for the Norse. The entire Norse mythology is rooted in this magical tree of everything.

The World Tree is found in so many cultures, and is another expression of this same idea. Trees are that important. And YOUR Tree is the one that is MOST important to you.

So our humble beginning, to start our Shamanic experience by merging with a Sacred Tree, is really a HUGE! endeavor.

I am so excited to be on this journeying path with you. Welcome.

About Carla Meeske:

Carla Meeske is a long time Shamanic Healer and Teacher with over 25 years experience teaching Modern Shamanism with Ancient Roots. She graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year advanced training in 2000, where she studied directly with the founder, Micheal Harner. She has gone on to study with many profound teachers, including Tom Cowan, Claude Poncelet, Sarangarel, Robert Moss, Micheal Dunning, Alida Birch, Sandra Ingerman, and many others.

Carla is an original shamanic healer for animals, having brought together Shamanism and Animal Communication to create the Shamanic Method for Animal Communication and Healing. Her book, The Calico Shaman, 2002 Cocorra Press, and the Instructional DVD, Speak to my Heart were landmark publications that started the genre and inspired hundreds to become Shamanic Healers for Animals. Carla teaches Shamanism through her school, SpiritHealer School of Shamanism [], and offers healing sessions through her home site,

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