Sowing Spring Ceremony

Sowing Seeds Ceremony

March 27, 2022

This was our first ceremony that was live and simulcast onto ZOOM. We neglected to record the first part. Which is sad because we had a lovely singing bowl. The second part is here.

Here are the ceremony instructions:

Preparations: Get some seeds that you can sprinkle onto the ground that will be sweet for the birds and maybe even make some pretty flowers or food. We used flax seed. Birds love them, and if they grow the flowers are beautiful and not invasive.

Call in the Spirits, and be sure to call in the Milky Way from the North. Then journey with your teacher to determine 5 things you want to seed into the world this year. Why 5? Because the Milky Way nurtures her 5 spiral arms. Because the spiral of life unfolds in the golden mean, that is also the Fibonacci sequence, and the pattern of the nautilus, and your body – and well everything! And the number that captures that math is 5. So that is why.

Remember the 5 and hold them close. Then step outside into your yard, or out into nature where ever you are. Walk in 5 spirals, remembering each intention for each time. And sprinkle your seeds as you do. You will feel the magic~ Then keep track as it unfolds.

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