Soul Tapestries Shamanic Workshop

Soul Tapestries

Soul Tapestries – Thursdays @ 10-noon pacific. May 12 -June 2

All sessions are recorded. Class will have a private email discussions list to share revelations. You may join us live, or from the recordings. We are one love.

Every step, every breath, every choice is an act of creation. And every moment of creation exists in the Otherworld, recorded for eternity in the warp and the weft of the Soul Tapestries.

Join Jennifer Lynn for this four-week exploration of the great weaving of Life, the Tapestries of Soul. Learn to track patterns through individual tapestries, as well as through the inter-twining threads of ancestral and soul lineages. Discover the true power of choice, and the threads to pull to set the soul free.

Soul Tapestries is intended for those already trained in basic shamanic journey techniques. A solid relationship with your existing Allies in the Otherworld is recommended. May not be appropriate for the recently bereaved.

Meet Your Guide

Jennifer Lynn

Jennifer Lynn is a spiritual consultant, a soul midwife, a shamanic Druid Priestess, and a modern-day mystic specializing in Celtic mystical techniques and practices. With thirty years of training and experience, Jennifer brings an extensive repertoire of tools and techniques to each session and workshop. But, if you ask her how she works, she will reply—”I just listen.”

An award-winning, published poet and author, Jennifer gives voice to her Bardic craft through poetry and prose. She is the author of the mystical fiction series Bree MacLeod’s Story (Being Here, Coming Home, The Chalice and the Blade), and the non-fiction book on Celtic Mysticism A Year and a Day. Her writings explore the rhythms of life while honoring the Goddess and the Sacred Conversation.

Her art, like her writings, honors and explores her thirty-year love affair with the Goddess and the Sacred. Each acrylic vision offers a glimpse of the Otherworld—a gift of Light, Magic and Mystery, just for you.

Jennifer is also a Chinese medicine practitioner and a Minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth, a church of animism fostering shamanic principles and practices. She has studied extensively with Tom Cowan, Caitlín Matthews, Hank Wesselman, the Invisible Druid Order, the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Richard Knight’s Psychic Development Academy, as well as with psychic and mystical practitioners internationally.

Love for Jennifer’s workshops

“Jennifer is a skilled reader, teacher and mentor. She brings a warmth, competence and joyfulness to all of her many healing modalities, workshops and journey circles. Her ability to teach shamanism through the stories of Celtic mythology is unparalleled. I trust Jennifer’s extensive experience, knowledge of the Otherworld and its workings, and her keen discernment in both her readings, healing and teaching work. I laugh a lot, learn a lot and always feel nourished when I’ve worked with Jennifer!”

~Deborah G.

“Jennifer makes shamanism accessible to modern-day sensibilities, while sharing the intrinsic beauty and mystery of the practice. Her poetic spirit complements an insatiable intellect. The result is inspiring, yet light-hearted. As a mentor, she’s supportive but also empowering. Students quickly learn to expect her favorite counsel: “You could journey on that.” As a healer, she brings together extensive knowledge of shamanic techniques with more traditional modalities, including acupuncture and Reiki. I never fail to be impressed by her abilities, which have earned my trust time and time again.”

~Teresa S.

“Jennifer’s gifts are miraculous! She is an egoless and generous teacher, reader and healer. With every interaction I am left for the better!”

~Allison G.

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Soul Tapestries


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We limit our Animal Healing Arts and Full Circle Courses to 8 people on the ZOOM. You matter. Your journeys are sacred to us. We take the time to listen and learn from the tapestry of our experience. You will never be lost in the crowd.

Of course you may choose to take the course by recording and connect via the email list. Time zones, schedules – the class is full – it’s okay! We love you, and the email list holds us together, so we can share, partner and experience this incredible journey together.

Mastery Circles and CeremonIES

Larger gatherings for journeying, healing and ceremony several times a month. See the event calendar for all the coming events.

Animal Focused

Animal Healing Arts classes give powerful skills to those who want to help our animal friends. Animal Communication Series. Shamanic Animal Healing. Uzdro Animal Reiki. Regular practice and mastery circles with like minded animal lovers. You will become a strong Shamanic Healer if you follow the steps. Welcome!

Core Shamanism and beyond

Our Mastery Circle Curicculum teaches Core Shamanic Healing and an array of skills and experiences that bring people into confidence and power. Working closely with the Sidhe, Sacred Trees and your Spirit Teachers, you will remember who you are, and who you have been, and bring importance and value into this lifetime for yourself and your community.

You will love Soul Tapestries.
I promise!

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