Soul Cottages

Soul Cottages

December 8 , 15 and 22. 10-11:30 am pacific time on zoom

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Your Sweet Home

Your soul cottage is your safe space, your home with loving memories, ancestors and guides, a place you can go to nurture your heart. Soul Cottages are idealistic places in non ordinary reality, connected to the Dragon Village. When we enter the cottage we are totally safe, and we can align with the most comforting memories, spirits and personal love. We can do self-directed soul retrieval in our cottage, and recover our dreams. Join us to find your soul cottage and to reconnect with your heart and dreams.

The Soul Cottage is where you can heal, create and discover your beauty and your soul light.

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The Dragon Village

Our cottage is connected to our personal sacred tree, and to the Dragon Village. We are part of a community of Spirits who make us feel at home. Masters of all domains, and generous with their wisdom, the Dragon Village is a tangible place in a non tangible world. It is a place where Spirits and we can meet, and really get to know each other.

Village people are your people

The most amazing thing to me about dragon village is it always provides whatever tools you need at the time of your journey. If you need something from the library, the library is easily accessible. If you need to go to the tavern for some reason to get a drink or a spell or something, it’s always open. The people of the village are your people, they come out, you’re never alone and they come out and support you in whatever capacity is needed at the time.
Full Circle Graduate

My personal place of peace

My soul cottage is the place I go when I need deep rest and nourishment. I go when the reason for journeying is about me, when I need to be fed, rested and loved. This is my place of peace.
Full Circle Graduate

The power is so up

It’s the most visceral of journeys that I take. Whenever I went there it’s like I’ve lived here, been here before. And I always feel my journeys in that place. I always feel the most well cared for. You go to the lady on the hill, you have your Sword Master, you have your dragon, and it’s also where the most edgy work is done.
Full Circle Graduate

Everything is possible

In the Dragon village everything is possible. Just every single thing! All the transmutation and healing. You’ll feel a part of it just by accepting the existence of the dragon, which was in your heart. So then there is no there is no distance between the healer and the healed one. And you are with your friends and spirits.
Joanna Amicucci
Master Instructor – SpiritHealer School

Dragon Magic On Demand Only


Three sessions to bring your home to life

Meet Your Guide

Carla Meeske

Founder of SpiritHealer School, Shamanic Healer and Guide, Carla has over 20 years experience teaching Shamanism over distance technology – from phone to Zoom. Carla is the pioneer of Shamanism for Animals, and has graduated many talented healers. Her classes are fun, efficient and enlightening. You will supported through the many layers of Shamanic development. Carla will be there with you, every step of the way.

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Carla Meeske

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Class 1: (Free intro) we will find our cottage, and call in the soul of someone close to us who has departed, usually a sweet animal friend. then meet with an ancient ancestral guide. We will be gifted with a way to self nourish, a simple happy dream we can enter anytime.

Class 2: Meet an ancestor guide who will help us work with the undercurrents in us that limit our dreams. I personally find that I get distracted and off topic when I am creating a new project. The ancestor is helping me create this workshop, and overcome my annoying resistance. Whew!! Your ancestor will help you understand, overcome, heal undercurrents that you find annoying or limiting.

Class 3: Work with the Soul Cottage as a creative workshop. What do you want to bring forward? We will call in the Spirits who can help us create magic. I personally am developing a youTube series of the SpiritHealer mini classes. I can create them first here, in the cottage, guided by my spirit team, and then it is way easier to bring them into form and onto YouTube!

This workshop is a wonderful preparation for the Ancestor workshop that is coming soon. I look forward to seeing you in class!

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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