Siberian Shamanism

Siberian Shamanism with Joanna

Experience the ancient and powerful traditions of Siberian Shamanism


Joanna’s Siberian Healing Ceremonies connect you with well known Siberian Spirits who have helped people for millenium, and show you the traditional concepts of the Siberian world view. These ceremonies are ideal for Beginner’s Path and Advanced Shamanic Practitioners alike. No Shamanic Journeying experience is necessary, but it is very helpful. Joanna never tells you what to see! She just guides our intention so that your Spirits give you the healing and wisdom aligned with the intention of the ceremony… It just works! Take the time to watch one of the free ceremonies and you will see!

Mother Umay Ceremony

Honoring Mother Umay Ceremony

Friday May 3rd, 2024 @ 11am- 12:15 pm pacific. In classical Siberian Shamanism, Mother Umay is one of four Big Spirits; she is Mother Nature. She feeds, protect and heals all her children – human and animals. Learn about Mother Umai from the Siberian prespective, and connect with her through her intermediary, Mother Bear. Mother […]

4 wolves ceremony

4 Wolves Siberian Ceremony

Traditional Siberian Shamanism Ceremony. Joanna Amicucci leads us in a traditional Siberian Ceremony of the 4 directions, calling in the sacred guardian wolf from each gateway. The results are astounding. This ceremony is perfect for everyone – regardless of their ability to Journey. Joanna has led this ceremony with people who have no shamanic experience […]

4 elements

4 Elements Ceremony

Joanna leads us through a magical journey into your own physical and energetic form. Merge with the 4 elements to experience each of them in you, and feel how you become who you are, sharing breath and bone with the ecosystems that surround you. The finale is refreshing your unique signature with a gift from […]

Limpia Ceremony Oct 15, 2021

Limpia Ceremony Oct 15, 2021

THIS CEREMONY IS ON OCTOBER 15 Live ceremony October 15, 2021 – Recording available for registered people. Our European instructor, Joanna Amicucci, leads a healing ceremony that has brought profound results for her European circles. Limpia is an ancient technique of shamanic energetic cleansing using a physical egg and an immensely powerful cosmic egg shimmering […]


Eggs Bees and Wax

10 hours recorded class. Create tangible changes in your life, with old world shamanic ceremonies that bridge Spirit and Form: Egg – The physical connection to the Universal Power Source. Bee – Initiation by the magical beings that bridge all dimensions and create wax. Wax – Melting trauma and recasting your life-form in beauty and balance. MORE ..

Mother Umay

10 hours recorded class. In Altai Siberian Shamanism, the comology of the spirits, our souls and all of creation is illustrated in this map. Mother Umay is the Spirit of Nature who sits in the position of the South. In this course, Joanna will bring us into connection with her, and we will align our hearts to her harmony. There is so much wisdom here! Receive the healings and blessings of her tenderness, and bring the power of inspired growth into your life, with 8 lessons to honor and embrace the Great Mother.

Siberian Mother Umay Course



My name is Joanna Pieczurkin Amicucci, I was born in Poland and I’ve been living in Italy for almost 20 years now. I am a Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 15 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have with deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom.

  • Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki.
  • Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher.
  • European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism 
    Wonderful cook and animal lover!

In an earlier career I was traveling on cruise ships around the world, working as a cabin stewardess which gave me the gift of meeting many people of various cultures, traditions and with different habits. In answer to your question, “Yes~ It was that fun… and that hard.”

Since my youngest years I’ve been always guided by just one thought: it really doesn’t matter where our path will lead us, nor the influence of the external world on us. All that matters is our Inner Connection with our True Self!

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