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Hear them. Help them. Heal them.

Shamanism is the perfect bridge for connecting with animals, and empowering them to thrive. You learn Animal Communication and core Shamanic practices to help and heal. You will talk with the animals, and then work to fix the issues you find. Your Spirit teachers do healing work on the issues revealed, and they may offer advice to the humans as well. In 10 weeks you will grow so much confidence and Spiritual connection. Welcome home!

Note – The class was 12 weeks in past years, usually without practice circles. Since we have added the practice circle we find that 10 weeks is ideal to cover the material and give you confidence through experience. Please ignore any reference to 12 weeks you may encounter …

Includes our wonderful beginner course: 3 Worlds, Introduction to Shamanism. Plus access to Mastery Circle exclusive events for the span of the class.

Shamanism for Animals Intensive


$100 non refundable. Balance refundable up to September 1 2023

Mastery Member – Shamanism for Animals 2023


$100 non refundable. Balance refundable up to September 1 2023

Deposit Shamanism for Animals 2023


$100 non refundable. Balance due September 15, 2023. Or request a custom payment plan.

See Complete Course Description

Beginning October 19, 2023

10:00 am-11:30 am pacific with Practice Circle on TBD but the class – but planned for Wednesdays at 9-10am. 10 sessions over 10 weeks.

Practice Circle time/day can be adjusted if the class prefers a different schedule. TG Week has a special schedule

We meet weekly for 90 minutes on Zoom, plus an additional 1 hour practice session. Every class is recorded. Everyone in the circle loves animals, you will make close friends! In the beginning everyone feels a little trepidation, but soon the power of the work, your incredible results, will bring you confidence and delight!

Small classes make us special. A maximum of 8 people, you get personalized attention, plus the benefit of the circle’s wisdom. Spirit gifts each of us with a piece of the lesson. As we share our journeys we are adding to the collective knowledge. It is very cool! Your classmates may well become lifelong friends, especially as you continue to come together in our weekly practice circle (for years to come, we hope).

The class is scheduled for 11 am -12:30 pm pacific. I am flexible, and I have learned that each group has a different time need. Sometimes we do 2 sections, morning and evening. Sometimes people take the course on the recordings, but join us for the practice circles. We can make this work for you.

BONUS! Weekly Animal Shamanism Practice Circle

Our weekly Shamanism for Animals circle lets you review the lessons, practice and help each other with our animals. This is as invitation-only circle, for those who have (or are) taken this course. You will meet the best people on the planet! Welcome!

See our course outline – it’s chock full with core shamanic healing techniques and animal communication skills.

See Complete Course Description

Margie loves Shamanism for Animals!

I met Margie when she asked me to heal her dog. She was so intrigued she started classes. Now she is a dynamic healer with incredible power. She loves her dogs, she loves her Spirit Helpers, and she loves Shamanism!

Meet your Guide

Carla Meeske

I have been teaching shamanism for animals for over 20 years. In 2000 I pioneered the shamanic method of animal communication with the workshop DVD Speak to My Heart. I went on to teach a complete training in Shamanism for Animals over the phone – and now with ZOOM, we are a live global circle. The power is strong!

Even if you are new to this sort of thing, you will be able to communicate and heal animals within just a few weeks. I promise! The spirits have brought you to the door – step inside, into your passion and dream. Helping animals and sharing your heart.

Come join our village. Try us with Sacred Roots, our free course to start shamanic journeying. Learn more about me and our school at

FREE Sacred Roots Class

Complete Shamanism for Animals Intensive Course

This course is both a training in core Shamanic Healing practices with animals as the subjects, and an overview of the methodology I use to communicate with animals and Spirits living and on the other side. It will give you solid skills in shamanic journeying, a strong connection with your spirit guides and an amazing portal into the spiritual lives of our animal friends. You will learn animal communication that is similar to telepathic style communication, but goes one step farther. Your spirit teachers will do healing work on the issues revealed, and they may offer advice to the humans as well.

Shamanic Journeying and Animal Communication – 5 sessions

Shamanic Animal communication is actually easier than telepathic. You do not have to clear your mind – in fact it is the opposite! We journey using our open imagination, and invite the spirit of the animal into our journey space. Once we have spirit to spirit connection, animal communication flows. It’s a dialog where the animal fluidly imparts information as we ask questions. Our Spirit Teams augment and confirm what we receive.

We begin by ensuring everyone is able to easily journey with their Power Animal, using the Sacred Tree as our home base. We will form a Spirit Team that will make the connection to the client and will help you immensely with the whole process. You will gain confidence in your journeying skills, and you will be delighted with your Animal Communication capability!

This section is all about our learning to use the important shamanic skill of merging, and the skill of allowing our Spirit Guides to guide our process and inform us. In this section we will focus on communicating with living animals (our last section focuses on crossed over animals) You will have lots of experience journeying to each other’s animals and to shelter animals. Your confidence will grow strong. Shamanism is about healing – fixing the issues that we find.  We will prepare for the second section by learning to retrieve a Power Animal for a client, and by standing witness to a healing where our Spirit Team does the magical work to resolve the issues they find. 

Review of 3 Worlds, Sacred Tree Introduction to Shamanism
Setting the Shamanic Stage: Calling in. Journeying to our sacred circle. Meeting our Spirits. Connecting with a friend’s animal.
Animal Communication Common Requests: Spirit Allies are the secret to Shamanic Animal Communication. You are part of a team. Allow your Spirit Allies to take the ball and lead the sessions. We will cover some common situations and get experience with the process. 
What Happened Then? We get the stories of an animal’s history. And we ask about the mysteries of today – like what happens when you aren’t home?
Animal’s Relationships: Animals live in communities with us. Today we will expand the circle to include the people and other household animals. We will explore the web between them, and get answers to relationship questions. 
Communication on the Other Side: We will learn to use the bridge and the animal’s Spirit team to facilitate this communication and healing ceremony.
Power Animal Retrieval: As important for animal as it is for people.
Animal Tribes: Connecting animals to the tribes they will return to is never premature! It is empowering and sweet for animals in every life stage. It is especially important at the end of life because this is where the spirit will be going at some point after the transition. Tribal knowledge is a gift that makes the whole process way easier for the person left behind.

Core Shamanic Healing for Animals – 5 sessions

Diagnostics, Extraction, Power Infusion – this is what Shamanic Healing is all about!  We will learn about it by standing witness as the Spirit Allies perform their work. Being the bridge that allows the Spirits to help the animal. Much of the diagnostic work will be familiar to you from our first section. We will quickly cover extraction and transmutation, which are huge skills, but pretty simple to execute in most situations. We will spend more time on Power Infusion. This is the heart and soul of Shamanic practice. We will cover many kinds of power infusion, including Soul Retrieval for Animals. 

Healing Overview: Standing witness to a complete healing. Learning about the 3 core steps of a Shamanic Healing
Diagnostics: Discovering the issues and making a healing plan
Extraction and Transmutation: The mystery and power of Spirit changing the conditions of troubles
Power Infusion: Spirits bringing exactly what is needed, and you’re learning about the immense available resources.
Soul Retrieval: Healing core wounds and life changing events.
Ceremony for you! You did it! Congratulations.

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