Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots for RSF program

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At SpiritHealer we enter the Shamanic Realms by merging with a tree, in a place in nature that is deeply connected to us in our imagination and memory. Portals open. Power Animals appear, and another reality unfolds, filled with healing and wonder. This is our gateway to the entire Spirit World, and our power center for merging with the compassionate healing power that IS the Shamanic experience. You start here, and you return her over and over to anchor, expand and connect. We love our Sacred Tree!

You will meet your Power Animal., who will be your #1 guide through our Animal Healing Intensive, and beyond. This important Spirit protects you in all worlds (even in your car) and they guide you through the infinity of the shamanic worlds, following your intention and purpose.

Simple steps take you deep. Your tree remembers you. You connect, and your shamanic path begins!


“Carla’s heart is in her healing and her teaching. I recommend her very much.”

Several years ago my Spirit Teacher, Grandmother Sunflower, said, “I have the new way for you to teach people how to journey”. Oh? “Have them merge with their Ancestral Tree. This tree will transfigure them, and make the next steps much easier”. An initiation, right from the start. Great idea. Sacred Roots was born. Our Ancestral Tree is now the grounded home for every journey.

Shamanism is all about connecting with the compassionate spirits, and it has been an earth based practice since the beginning of time. Communicating with trees and animals is just what we do! Your tree, however, is extra special, because it connects you to your ancestors, and a whole lot more.

“I highly recommend these classes. Being able to meet with your sacred tree, power animals and spirit teachers is empowering and validating and gives utter reassurance that we are being guided on our journey through life. “

Sacred Tree – the portal to all the shamanic realms and Spirit Guides. Its roots are your roots. Its branches reach your stars. Welcome Home.

See you in class!

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