Sacred Roots

Your Sacred Tree is your doorway. Step inside!

As easily as you can remember your favorite tree, you can step into the Spirit world. Your Sacred Tree holds the secrets. This is the simplest way to begin shamanic journeying, and it is authentically yours. Welcome home.

At SpiritHealer we enter the Shamanic Realms by remembering our loving connection to a tree. Our imagination and memory fills. Your Sacred Tree stands with you, and portals open. Power Animals appear, and another reality unfolds, filled with healing and wonder.

Several years ago my Spirit Teacher, Grandmother Sunflower, said, “I have the new way for you to teach people how to journey. Have them merge with their Sacred Tree. This tree will transfigure them, and make the next steps much easier.” Grandmother was saying that the very first thing I should teach was a sacred initiation. Merging, a shamanic practice that was taught to me as an advanced technique, now should be our starting point. Okay! Sacred Roots was born, and our personal Sacred Tree is now our starting point for every journey.

Maple Tree
Your Sacred Tree

Simple steps take you deep. Your tree remembers you. You connect, and your shamanic path begins!

Trees are living beings with expansive Spirits. These Spirits have memory of all time. They bridge heaven and earth in our hearts. When we connect with them, we remember who we are, and how much we are loved.

This Sacred Tree is our gateway to the entire Spirit World, and our power center for merging with the compassionate healing power that IS the Shamanic experience. You start here, and you return her over and over to anchor, expand and connect.
You will meet your Power Animal, your #1 guide through all our classes and beyond. Your Power Animal Spirit protects you in all worlds, and leads you with clarity and purpose through the shamanic realms.

“Carla’s heart is in her healing and her teaching. I recommend her very much.” Carol

Shamanism is all about connecting with the compassionate spirits, and it has been an earth based practice since the beginning of time. Communicating with trees and animals is just what we do! Your tree, however, is extra special, because it connects you to your ancestors, and a whole lot more.

“I highly recommend these classes. Being able to meet with your sacred tree, power animals and spirit teachers is empowering and validating and gives utter reassurance that we are being guided on our journey through life. “ Penni

Sacred Tree – the portal to all the shamanic realms and Spirit Guides. Its roots are your roots. Its branches reach your stars. Welcome Home.

What is your Sacred Tree?

Your Sacred Tree is the spirit of a tree who is, or has been, alive on Earth. A tree you may have known in your life time. This tree Spirit who seeks to connect with you, to be a compassionate helping Spirit for you on your shamanic path. Your Sacred Tree will become your bridge to earth and sky, and connect you to the Spirit Realms.

Your Sacred Tree is your personal expression of the World Tree, or the Tree of Life, well known through many mystical and spiritual traditions. Your tree may be a familiar friend, the Oak in your backyard, or for me, a mulberry I loved as a child. Or it may be a tree Spirit who you haven’t met, but with whom you have a heart connection. Or it may be a tree that completely surprises you! Whomever it is, your Sacred Tree is your connection to the Spirit dimensions, and is your home in nonordinary reality.

What is the difference between a guided meditation and an authentic Shamanic Journey?

shamanic training with Carla Meeske

In an authentic shamanic journey, your intention creates the train tracks, and the Compassionate Spirits become the engine that powers you into the beautiful world of Spirit. What magic you encounter is because of your intention, and your trust in the Spirits who partner with you, to teach you and heal you. Magic!

I love a beautiful guided meditation for their elegance and simplicity, and we have them on our YouTube channel. However, a guided meditation can put a filter on your shamanic journey and narrow your experience. When you journey with just a drum and your intention, the Spirits become your guides, and they take you to places and give you experiences that are unexpected and amazing.

What is the World Tree?

AI image of Sacred Tree

The World Tree is a concept found in various mythologies and religions, representing a large tree that connects different realms or worlds. It is often seen as a symbol of cosmic order and spiritual connection. Brittanica says it best!

world tree, centre of the world, a widespread motif in many myths and folktales among various preliterate peoples, especially in Asia, Australia, and North America, by which they understand the human and profane condition in relation to the divine and sacred realm. Two main forms are known and both employ the notion of the world tree as centre. In the one, the tree is the vertical centre binding together heaven and earth; in the other, the tree is the source of life at the horizontal centre of the earth. Adopting biblical terminology, the former may be called the tree of knowledge; the latter, the tree of life.
In the vertical, tree-of-knowledge tradition, the tree extends between earth and heaven. It is the vital connection between the world of the gods and the human world. Oracles and judgments or other prophetic activities are performed at its base.

In the horizontal, tree-of-life tradition, the tree is planted at the centre of the world and is protected by supernatural guardians. It is the source of terrestrial fertility and life. Human life is descended from it; its fruit confers everlasting life; and if it were cut down, all fecundity would cease. The tree of life occurs most commonly in quest romances in which the hero seeks the tree and must overcome a variety of obstacles on his way.

What is my Spirit Animal, or Power Animal?

Firstly, whether termed Power Animals, Spirit Animal Guides, or Totems, your Power Animal or Animal Spirit Guide is the spirit of an animal who was alive on Earth and is now on the other side. Typically our guides were wild animals rather than domestic, but there are sometimes a few exceptions. They retain memories of life’s trials and challenges and the exquisite joy of being alive. They remember the beauty of being a sacred spark of unique spirit light, incarnate into physical form. As wild animals, they were woven into the beauty of Earth’s interconnectedness. They understand balance and beauty, and they have compassion for those who are suffering.

At the end of your Shamanic Journey in Sacred Roots, you will invite your Spirit Animal to meet you – and then you will know who your Spirit Animal Guide truly is!

[Just for grins, I asked the computer AI to answer this question. It is a little bit correct:
AI, “A spirit animal, or power animal, is an animal that is believed to provide guidance, protection, and spiritual connection to an individual.
TRUE except that the Spirit Guide DOES provide guidance protection and a Spiritual Connection.

AI, “It is often seen as a representation of the person’s personality traits, strengths, and abilities.
Sorta kinda maybe. Your Spirit Guide Animal may have traits completely opposite of you, helping you with things that you need. Our Power Animals can be animals we feel a connection to, or they can be a complete surprise to us. The one thing we know for sure – THEY CHOOSE US! Even though we can have fun with a spirit animal quiz telling us what animal we resemble, our Power Animal may be completely different from what we may expect from looking in the mirror. ]

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