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Shamanic Animal Healing Arts

Supporting Rescue | Shelter |Foster Organizations

Learn healing arts for animals & support organizations you trust

Learn powerful shamanic healing arts to help the animals in need. Uzdro Reiki, and Shamanic Animal Communication.
Affiliated Rescue | Shelter | Foster organizations receive generous share of course fees (when you register using their affiliate links).
Sponsor animals for deep healing in our dedicated shamanic healing ceremonies for animals.

Easy to learn. Powerful to share. Delightful results.

Shamanic Animal Communication

Shamanic Animal Communication Courses

Communicate with Confidence. Spirit Guides help you every step of the way

Learn to communicate with animals, and help them overcome fear, depression, anxiety and so much more. We work in connection with Compassionate Spirits who help us get to the root of the troubles, and then help fix them. Simple things, like wanting a different blanket, to complex issues, like missing a deceased companion. We help.

I’ve got this! Our classes are clear, and the Shamanic Method lets you quickly build confidence. You will go from beginner to capable, FAST!

Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki

Uzdro Reiki Banner

Uzdro combines the ancient wisdom of our Spirit Ancestors with the art of Usuri Reiki, to bring profound healing outcomes for our animal friends. You will learn to create sacred space that welcomes even the most traumatized animals, and give them sweet loving energy that soothes and heals.

Perfect for Shelter and Rescue and for our personal animals! This gentle method is easy to learn, and simple to practice. You can offer this healing hands on and at a distance. The Spirit’s direct the flow to be perfect every time. And bonus: You too will receive the healing power as you share it.

Each level is 6 hours + practice sessions

You get powerful training and experience too!

Uzdro Reiki level 1


Level 1 : Learn the principles of Reiki and the ability to flow that magic though your heart and body, assisted by your Spirit Guides through shamanic journey initiations.

Uzdro Reiki Level 2


Level 2: Enter Sacred Shamanic Space, and channel clear strong power using the Reiki symbols. Learn to use the sound of those Symbols for augmenting the power. Spirits’ initiations will amplify your connection with them.

Reiki Level 3


Level 3: Our Master Training: on this level you will learn the fourth Usui Reiki Symbol, the so called Master Symbol and you will use the Reiki symbols combined with your Shamanic Spirit Guides Empowerment. You will be initiated with the Universal Cosmic Egg, giving you vibrant empowerment with the 4th Symbol.

Practice Circles | Animal Healing Clinics | Ceremonies

Practice Circles – class specific and for the community, to deepen our skills, help animals and make good friends. For Animal Communication and Healing, and Reiki

Rescue | Shelter | Foster Animal Healing Clinics – We gather to share our skills with the animals who need it the most!

Healing Ceremonies – We have developed strong power as a circle, working with Spirits over years, and creating containers for deep healing potential. Many astounding healings have come from these circles. We have 2 main themes, Limpia and the Stone Circle Ceremony. Both invoke power from Earth, Sky, Ancestors, Power Animals, Forest, Spirit Guides — it really is quite a list. The formats are always evolving. The results are just plain profound.

Animal Practice Circle

Animal practice circle

Practicing Shamanic Animal Communication and Healing. Open to those enrolled or graduated from SpiritHealer Animal Healing courses.

Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic

Healing for R|S|F

Sponsor an animal from your shelter. Qualified healers with pair with you and bring relief and information. Learn how Shamanic Healing sessions work, in depth. Healers are graduates or advanced practitioners in our animal healing courses.

stone circle

Healing animals & you

Our Ceremonies invoke big power, compassionate Spirits who want to make life easier for us. Who want to help us heal and be whole. We work on larger groups affected by fires, hoarding, etc. The Spirits help whomever we bring to them – ask for healing on our animals friends and ourselves.

You will love our classes. I promise!

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