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Supporting your community and the animals in your care.

We want to help you succeed

We know how dedicated you are to helping our animal friends, and we appreciate you! SpiritHealer has created a program to teach animal healing arts to your communities, and to support you with revenue sharing. Your supporters will learn beautiful heart connected ways to offer healing and support to the animals in your care. SpiritHealer will share the revenue with you to help keep the feed, and vet care flowing.

We train your community to bring compassionate relief and help to the animals in your care, and all those they touch. And we call our SpiritHealer Village to be there for you when you need it the most.

40% revenue share for our Rescue | Shelter | Foster affiliates

That’s coin you can use, delivered monthly, to feed, shelter and vet the animals in your care. We give you the marketing materials and you share with your supporters, with your affiliate link included. When they register your cash box fills. And they gain the skills to help the animals you care for. Win Win Win.

Your supporters will love our classes

We have well crafted classes that have years of success. Carla Meeske is the pioneer who brought Shamanism to Animal Communication and Healing over 20 years ago. Joanna Amicucci has been teaching Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki in Europe with incredible results for rescue animals. And now she is offering to English speakers through SpiritHealer School. Our Animal Intensive Graduates are well equipped to lead healing ceremonies and circles and coach your supporters as they, too, develop their skills in the energetic healing arts.

Rescue Shelter Foster Healing Arts Program

Animal Communication

A series of classes that teach your supporters to communicate with animals, and help them overcome fear, depression, anxiety and so much more. We work in connection with Compassionate Spirits who help us get to the root of the troubles, and then help fix them. Simple things, like wanting a different blanket, to complex issues, like missing a deceased companion. We help.

Shamanic Spiritual Healing

The Sacred Spirits do the work, we just need to learn a simple ways to be a bridge between the Spirits and the animals we are helping. Holding space is the key. It really works! Power Animal retrieval for rescues gives them ongoing support, and helps guide them to their adoptee home.

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Uzdro Animal Reiki

Uzdro combines the ancient wisdom of our Spirit Ancestors with the art of Usuri Reiki, to bring profound healing outcomes for our animal friends. You will learn to create sacred space that welcomes even the most traumatized animals, and give them sweet loving energy that soothes and heals.

Perfect for Shelter and Rescue and for our personal animals! This gentle method is easy to learn, and simple to practice. You can offer this healing hands on and at a distance. The Spirit’s direct the flow to be perfect every time. And bonus: You too will receive the healing power as you share it.

3 levels bring confidence

Each level is 6 hours of training. With practice on your animals in between!

Healing Circles

Monthly Circles for Rescue | Shelter | Foster, with all the people who are learning, and those who graduates of our advanced training series, doing healing sessions for the animals in your organizations. Individuals sponsor an animal to be included in the circle, and the affiliate receives a donation.


Gatherings of the entire SpiritHealer Village, to bring BIG power to problem situations. When a rescue takes in a hoarding issue. When animals are caught in wild fires. When other big problems come up, we announce the date and send in the big power. It is pretty stunning. All on Zoom.

Rescue | Shelter | Foster Affiliate Program

We support animal welfare dedicated to helping animals. You are our people. We thank you. We have a Special Program of classes for Animal Welfare, and only these classes are part of your affiliate program offering. There is plenty to keep your supporters engaged. Join our affiliate program and share the love – every class that your supporters register for brings you cash donations. Together we can do this – help the animals, help the supporters, and keep your lights on. Let’s make it so!

40% revenue share for every sale.

We give you the announcements, for email newsletters, social media and print. You add your links and logo, and share with your supporters, asking them to spread the word as well. This will be helpful revenue for you, and every person who takes the classes learns skills that go directly to helping the animals you care for.

For those who are doing

When you join our program you are in the company of fellow animal welfare organizations. We care about you and want to reward the work you are doing. Thank you!

Meet our Instructors

Meet our Founder

Carla Meeske

Carla is a well known shamanic healer, and has been offering shamanic healing services to animals and their caregivers for over 20 years.  She connects with compassionate spirits to relieve physical, emotional and behavioral problems. SpiritHealer School of Shamanism offers the definitive program for Shamanic Healing for Animals, with over 75 certified graduates worldwide. Carla uses core shamanic techniques, with a strong Celtic influence, and her courses cover all core subjects in modern shamanism:  Soul retrieval, illness extraction, clearing entities, power infusion, and more. Plus she and her advanced practitioners have brought large bodies of work back from Spirit and into our practice, like Ancestral Healing, Soul Cottages, Soul Gardening, Cosmic Eggs, Ecosystem Mirrored Healing, Dragons and Dragon Mastery. We are actively recovering the lost knowledge that our Sacred Teachers want us to share.

  • Pioneer who developed shamanic animal communication, and brought shamanic healing to animals 20 years ago
  • Passionate about Spiritual healing – bridging the energetic connection between the Spirits and you
  • Superb teacher, who creates magic for her students and guides people to their full potential

Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki Guide

Joanna Amicucci

SpiritHealer Master Instructor

I am Joanna Pieczurkin Amicucci, Shamanic Healer and Teacher and Usuri Animal Reiki Master /Teacher, European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School. 

Over the years of my animal healing practice, Spirits showed me how to blend those two wonderful systems into one and unique technique, providing me with clear indications about the structure of the UZDRO ANIMAL REIKI.

Joanna Amicucci

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Stories from Our Shamanic Healers

Testimonials from Shamanism for Animals

This class has been so remarkable. Getting to meet all of you and the people from the other class. It’s just been fabulous. Really, really fabulous. And you do not advertise this properly. This is all about transformation with capital T! The animal communication is just secondary. It’s all this other stuff that’s going on. Amazing. Amazing. Thank you. If you hadn’t put animal communication in there, I probably wouldn’t have done that. You’re right. You’re right. I that’s what I signed up for level. Did I know when I scan? Yeah, yeah, it would be more in different but yeah. Yeah, a little Yes. or something and Astros down at the bottom that says, oh, by the way, fasten your seat belts.
Corky from Florida
I think Coco has responded to all the help she has gotten. She was whining incessantly and following me everywhere for the last several years, driving me nuts! And I’ll tell you for the last two weeks, she barely ever whines. It’s almost back to normal. She barely follows me around. And she’s acting like a normal dog at her age of 13. So thank you, everyone. Amen. And the Cat , Dali Pepper is calmer and normal again. So I’m really happy the household is peaceful. protected. Thank you. Thank you, everyone. It’s good. Thank you.
Paula in New Mexico

Thank you for all you do!

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