Renewal with the Cailleach 2023

November 3, @ 11:00 am pacific, we hold our annual ceremony with the Cailleach. You will not want to miss it. This is my most important ceremony – gifted to me directly by the Cailleach, and my honor and duty to share it with you annually at this magic time of the year, Saimhain.

Free for Mastery Circle. All others send $29 to Join us on ZOOM, and I will send you a link to recording.


This ceremony was given to me by the Cailleach when I was in Ireland in 2018. It is the some now as it was then, and it is incredibly powerful. It was the evening before we were to go to Loughcrew, and I was doing a shamanic session for a dog in the US, from my hotel room of course. I began the journey as usual, but then I was interrupted by a spirit figure, very clear, very powerful, and this is what happened – from my notebook:

This was a deep and powerful initiation. Since then I have shared it with SpiritHealer Circle at the beginning of November.

Who is this Spirit Grandmother the Cailleach?

Shee-Eire, a website dedicated to Irish folklore and legend, says,

“The Cailleach Beara is ever-renewing and passes through many lifetimes going from old age to youth in a cyclic fashion. She is reputed to have had at least fifty foster children during her ‘lives.’ Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren formed the tribes of Kerry and its surroundings. The Book of Lecan (c.1400 a.d.) claims that the Cailleach Beara was the goddess of

the Corcu Duibne people from the Kerry region. In Scotland the Cailleach Bheur serves a similar purpose as the personification of Winter; she has a blue face, and is born old at Samhain … but grows ever younger over time until she is a beautiful maiden at Bealtaine.”

Cailleach rules the dark half of the year, while her young and fresh counterpart, Brighid or Bride, is the queen of the summer months. She is sometimes portrayed riding on the back of a speeding wolf, bearing a hammer or a wand made of human flesh, and sometimes even wearing human skulls attached to her clothes.

Photos of the Cailleach’s Cairn

We have a lovely Circle Member in Ireland, Andrea Given, who kindly shared some images of the Equinox ceremony at the Cailleach’s cairn in Loughcrew this year. So wonderful!

This summer Andrea will be helping us put together a tour…

Will we see you at the Ceremony? of course if you register you get the recording, so if we can’t see you live at least you will see us!

This ceremony is a central part of our Village. Please join if you can.

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