Practitioner’s Circle 4-2024

April 2024

Meeting Summary

This was our first meeting and it was GREAT! The AI meeting recap is below the video.

    Quick recap AI GENERATED
    The team discussed challenges related to managing Zoom meetings, maintaining client confidentiality, and communicating their work effectively. They shared personal experiences and strategies for handling client bookings, setting boundaries, and practicing self-care.
    • Karen will share the recording of her class with the team.
    • Corky will continue working on the bathroom project and follow up on the missing tub.
    • Brenda will communicate her boundaries and expectations clearly to clients, including her policy against clients smoking or consuming substances before appointments.
    • Corky will continue to refine her approach to ending sessions, ensuring clients feel supported and grounded after the session.
    Room Bookings, Noise, and Recovery Updates
    The team discussed issues related to room bookings and noise during their meetings. There were problems with people forgetting the room they were supposed to be in and the noise level causing disturbances. The idea of setting up separate Zoom rooms for each client was considered to prevent interruptions. Karen shared her experience of her first class going well, and Corky reported progress in her recovery from a hip injury.
    Corky’s Walking Aid and Neighborhood Talk
    Corky humorously described how he manages his neighborhood’s uneven surfaces with a walker equipped with tennis ball-covered feet. He also shared about his ongoing bathroom project, including the quick removal of a tub and vanity, and his plans to sell a vanity on Facebook marketplace. The group engaged in a light-hearted discussion about their neighborhoods, with mentions of pet owners and a past incident involving a missing bath tub. The conversation ended with a spiritual ritual led by the group’s leader, followed by Carla’s announcement about Karen’s invitation to Brenda and Barbara for an upcoming Beginner Circle session, which she described as a powerful and transformative experience despite its limited attendance.
    Mastery Circle Navigation and Zoom Experiences
    Carla guided Corky and the leader through the process of navigating the Mastery Circle and accessing the recordings. Corky expressed gratitude for the explanatory walkthrough. The discussion then shifted to a query from the leader about practitioners’ experiences using Zoom for client sessions, leading to a sharing of personal tips and solutions, such as creating a personal room for each client. Brenda offered her method of tracking links sent via email to ensure she joined the correct session. The team seemed to appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges with using Zoom.
    Team’s Meeting Booking and Recording Processes
    The team discussed their individual processes for booking meetings and managing recordings. Karen shared her automated system through Zoom and her website, while Corky described her more manual approach. Paul appreciated the benefits of their current system but noted the lack of visual contact. Carla revealed her practice of using both Zoom and Otter for recording redundancy and ensuring confidentiality. The team also discussed potential methods for sending recordings, including the use of Dropbox, but the leader clarified that they do not use this service.
    Balancing Confidentiality and Sharing Experiences
    The team discussed the challenges of maintaining client confidentiality while also sharing their talents and experiences. Carla, Corky, and Paul discussed their personal strategies for balancing this, with Paul expressing his struggle to maintain confidentiality in his new role. The group also talked about the importance of modifying language to reduce barriers when communicating with individuals of different beliefs, as Corky emphasized. Brenda decided to speak her truth openly and authentically, revealing her practice as a shamanic practitioner, and the group agreed on the importance of respecting each other’s beliefs and practices while finding common ground to help others.
    Brenda’s Client Interaction and Referrals
    Brenda shared that she primarily works with clients in person, but also conducts some sessions via Zoom. She explained that most of her clients come from word-of-mouth referrals, and that she has had to adjust her schedule to accommodate the increasing demand. The team agreed that maintaining a professional and respectful environment is crucial.
    Remote Work Challenges and Boundaries
    She shared that she has started informing her clients about her policy against substances in her home. The group discussed the challenges of remote work, with Brenda and Karen sharing their experiences. Paul shared his practice of having physical barriers between himself and students to prevent any issues. The group also acknowledged the potential risks of remote work and the need for clear communication and boundaries.
    Personal Experiences and Healing Arts Terminology
    The group shared personal experiences and discussed the nuances of communicating their work to others. Karen shared a story about her past experiences with animal communication and how it was received by her neighborhood. Paul talked about a neighbor’s reaction to his morning smudging ritual, which led to a deeper conversation about spirituality. The group also discussed the importance of having an elevator speech to succinctly and comfortably explain their work. Brenda and Barbara shared their preferences for using the terms “healing arts” and “medicine woman” respectively, over “psychic” due to the differing connotations and understandings. Paul affirmed that he would use the term “healing arts” moving forward.
    Spiritual Healing Practices and Boundaries
    Paul shared his belief in openness and his experience working with a group of women in prison who were initially skeptical of spiritual healing practices. The team discussed the importance of setting boundaries and effectively ending sessions, with Corky sharing her approach of informing clients about her next appointment. They agreed on the need for gentleness in dealing with vulnerable clients and the significance of self-care during energy exchange. The team also discussed the organization’s forward movement, with Karen sharing her practice of setting intentions and making contracts with spirits before sessions. However, Leader raised concerns about the applicability of these techniques to those experiencing psychotic breaks.
    Managing Client Bookings and Self-Care
    The group discussed their policies and strategies for managing client bookings and maintaining personal boundaries in their businesses. Karen shared her policy of limiting bookings to two weeks to prevent overcommitment, while Carla emphasized the value of returning clients. Brenda also shared her approach to initial client communication, preferring to gauge urgency before arranging a meeting. The group appreciated these strategies and agreed on the importance of finding a balance between availability and self-care. No specific decisions, action items, or open questions were raised in this meeting.
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