Power Animals as Bridges

July 20, 2022, Animal Healing Mastery Circle recordings

This week we did healing work for each others animals and added a new element – asking a Power Animal to be an intuitive bridge to bring ongoing ideas and healing power to the human in charge.

In simple steps, we did a complete healing for our partners animal, and finished by retrieving a Power Animal who would be an intuitive bridge. This Power Animal gave us (the shaman) a technique that the human can use to to open up and allow the Power Animal in. And then we got some ideas of things the Power Animal might share, as a check system, or even as a parlor game.

Brenda worked for me on my horse Fidla. She did healing work on Fidla’s emotions (stoically bearing her feelings – that’s my girl). She retrieved a Power Animal and told me how to connect with it. “Pet Fidla lightly and ask the Power Animal to enter our energetic bubble.” I did just what she said, and in connecting I felt a dramatic shift in my energy – dizziness. And then Fidla told me all about how she wants to wear her bridle, go out on trail, and be my trusty #1.

I asked Brenda if this was the Check, and YEP! that was it. Fidla even showed her wanting to go camping.

The thing that sets this technique apart from regular animal communication is the simplicity of the Power Animal as a bridge. The client doesn’t need to have any woo woo arts, doesn’t need to know how to journey, nothing. All they have to do is follow the Power Animal’s instructions. This is breakthrough for us because it shifts a single session into an infinity of connection for the client.

Here are the videos of the morning and evening, with links to the transcripts.

Morning Session


Afternoon Session


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