Ocean Spirit Animal Gift Bundle

Welcome to the beautiful shamanic world of connecting to your Ocean Animal Spirit Guide

SpiritHealer School of Shamanism is delighted to share 3 free classes with you! The first two are prerecorded classes.

  • Sacred Roots teaches you our signature technique for energy the Shamanic Journey and meeting your Power Animal.
  • Power Animal Connection deepens your connection to your power animal and gives an experience with Shamanic merging.
  • Your Ocean Spirit Animal takes you an authentic Shamanic Journey deep into the mysteries of the ocean, to meet your by your personal Oceanic Power Animal and have a deep and rewarding experience with the compassionate Spirits of the Ocean.

All you need to do to access is simply register, and get your account on the SpirithealerCircle.com website. Then when you log in you will go to “my dashboard” and see your classes. Your magical adventure begins!

Sacred Roots – Enter the Sacred Spirit Realms, video course.

Sacred Roots for RSF program
Class #1

Sacred Roots

A prerecorded class that brings you into the shamanic spirit world through your Sacred Tree. This simple and effective way of entering the Spirit World is beautiful, and it works! You will find a sacred space that has your signature, and connect with a powerful Spirit Tree who is your shelter and safe space. You will meet a Power Animal, a Spirit Animal who guides you and protects you in all the dimensions you travel

Power Animal Connection FBc
Class #2

Power Animal Connection

Let’s dance and play with our Power Animals.

Our Power Animals are our #1 support system. They protect us and guide us, showing us our path in the Shamanic Realms. In the Sacred Roots class you =met your Power Animal at your Sacred Tree. In Power Animal Connection you will get to know them, interweaving your energies, and bringing your relationship to life!

Merging is the heart of Shamanic Practice

Merging gives your Power Animal the opportunity to heal you directly! They will massage your body with gentle movements that release the stuck old stuff and restore some movement freedom. Try it!

Class #3

Your Ocean Spirit Animal

Meet your personal Ocean Spirit Power Animal and be shown a secret sacred space where you can connect to a world of compassionate Spirits and enter into your ocean dream.

Created exclusively for Gifts from the Sea

This is a supported Shamanic Journey, where you have an authentic Spirit guided experience, with my helping shift your intention to meet the Compassionate Ocean Spirits who are waiting just for you.

This class comes from my (all too) real world experience with the Ocean.

I have two stories that illustrate the power of your Ocean Spirit Animal. Both are from a trip I took to Bonaire in 2007.

I was solo diving, with a mission to meet the Spirits of the Ocean who would become teachers and guides for me in my shamanic practice. One dive I saw a shimmering portal appear in the water, like a gateway. I was smart enough not to journey through that gateway while I was in my scuba gear. But later when youI was in my apartment I journeyed back there. I met a beautiful Ocean Guardian Lady, who was important to that part of the Caribbean. She showed me the connection that all the Ocean Guardians have across the globe, and introduced me to a Guardian from Hawaii. It was interesting! And then, within the year, I was invited to Hawaii to teach. And lo and behold that Hawaii Ocean Spirit became incredibly important, teaching me the nuances and importance of right way ceremony. To honor the Spirits and bring in the best experience for the group participants. What stories we have to tell!

The second story: I had been diving in Bonaire for a week, and was diving short shallow dives every day. Divers have strict rules to prevent getting the bends, when the nitrogen gas forms bubbles in your tissues from breathing canned air under the pressure of the ocean above. My computer said I was fine, but a Tarpon said otherwise. I was sitting at 15 feet for my safety stop, a short pause divers take when resurfacing to make sure the gasses in their bodies are balancing correctly. I was watching jaw fish bounce their eggs in their mouths, when a tarpon I had befriended over the week swam up to me. He blew a bubble out of his mouth, and he said (telepathically), “You need to get out, NOW”.

Boy was he right. Soon after I surfaced I started to feel the pain in my shoulder. Then the dizziness in my head, both classic symptoms of decompression sickness, or the bends. I got myself to the chamber, and started my 3 day nightmare of “chamber dives” to safely push the gas of my tissues and stop the damage. It saved my life, but left me with a stroke, some heart issues, and the incredible sadness of not ever being able to dive again.

The Tarpon was a Power Animal Incarnate. He saw me. He actually came up to me and BLEW A BUBBLE out of his mouth. I knew exactly what he was saying.

In this class you will meet a Power Animal from the ocean in Spirit. They may be incarnate too, or in Spirit only. Either way, they may save your life too!

I‘m so grateful to be a part of this group and your journeying guidance is exceptional and I’m so grateful.

This was awesome. I was really excited to be a part of this day. Turtle took me to meet my power animal. It was the calf of the humpback whale. And it was pretty amazing. We went through the portal, it was into like a stars rather than the ocean. I mean, I was in the ocean. And then my humpback calf took me into the stars. He said, “this is the ocean of everything”. His message and call to me was to help those who are helping to heal and clear the waters, and send blessings to all those who are working and doing that work. So that’s my job. And that’s what I’m connected to him to do is up to clear the waters.

Sand shark [took me] to meet his cousins and then I was just swimming with all these really big giant sharks. [They told me] “We complete the chain. We’re the master of the cycles.” [Then I was with] Orca, and it was a mama with the baby. And very wise, they’re so alert, they’re fierce, they’re respected. The message was “We all work together. And we’re all connected, just like you.”

Everything in this bundle is Free for you. All you need to do is register for this Bundle, and then you will find the three classes in the Dashboard of this website.

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