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In Altai Siberian Shamanism, Mother Umay is one of Four Big Spirits; she is Mother Nature. She feeds, protect and heals all her children – human and animals. Learn about Mother Umai from the Siberian prespective, and connect with her through her intermediary, Mother Bear. Through May 2024 Joanna is presenting a cermeony on May 5th to connect with Mother Umay through her helping spirit, Mother Bear. The following Tuesday begins the course Mother Umay.

Ceremony: Honoring Mother Umay

Mother Umay Ceremony

Friday May 3rd @ 11- 12+ pacific on Zoom

Mother Umay’s energy is much higher than ours and we connect with her through her helping Spirits.  In this ceremony we will connnect to her through Mother Bear. Mother Bear is powerful, and is the strongest animal in the forest. Anytime we lose our strength and power we may connect with her. She will take care of us. Bears are important animals in Siberian tradition. Mother Umay’s yurt is covered with bear skin.

During our Ceremony we shall invoke the protection and guidance of Compassionate Mother Umay, and then journey to her intermediary, the Spirit of Mother Bear. Through a beautiful ritual, Mother Bear will bring us healing and wisdom for the issues we are facing in our lives at this time. 

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4 week course: Mother Umay

Siberian Mother Umay Course

8 part series, meets Tuesdays and Fridays for 4 weeks. Starting May 7th 2024, @ 11-12:30 pacific on Tuesdays, 11-12 on Fridays. On Zoom. Register Now

Joanna’ Promise: This course is for you if you wish you could feel more protected, loved, healed and connected with Mother Nature. By deepening our connection with her and her Spirit Helpers we shall remember again that we are all her children.

In Altai Siberian Shamanism, the comology of the spirits, our souls and all of creation is illustrated in this map. Mother Umay is the Spirit of Nature who sits in the position of the South. In this course, Joanna will bring us into connection with her, and we will align our hearts to her harmony. There is so much wisdom here! Receive the healings and blessings of her tenderness, and bring the power of inspired growth into your life, with 8 lessons to honor and embrace the Great Mother.

Perfect for anyone who has basic Shamanic Journeying skills, and can connect with their Power Animal and Teacher.

Who are the Siberian Cornerstone Spirits?

At the beginning there was only one big Spirit – Tengri. One day he decided to create to Worlds – the Dream World and the Material World. He split himself in two parts and in this way he created Mother Umay. After having shot an arrow from his arch, their two sons were born: Ulgen and Erlic. In this way the Four Big Spirits of Siberian Shamanism were created. Each of them gives us different energy, qualities and different rules to follow:

Umay – Mother Nature. Her energy is the energy of love and protection. She loves and protects all living creatures. She invites us to enjoy the beauty of all Creation in the world. Siberian Shamans believe that our immune system that protects us is her gift for us. Her Spirit Helpers help us heal ourselves and the others. Her realm is the place of “Here and Now”. She is illustrated on the bottom of the map, in the South. She is the focus of our course.

Erlic – the Spirit of Underworld. His energy is the energy of transformation in order to clean ourselves and others. The sicknesses that he sends are recognized as an invitation to healing. There are two particular lakes in his Underworld where shamans go for further healing and in order to find the trapped souls that are not able to continue their reincarnation path. This is the direction of the Past. He sits in the West.

Ulgen –  He is the Big Creator. His energy is higher than the one of Umai. All big plans, projects and realizations are already present in his Realm. By working with Ulgen we bring new things into our dimensions. This is the direction of the Future. He sits in the East. 

Tengri – this is the Spirit of the highest energy. This is the place where we come back after the journey through the Milky Way. It is called “The Ocean of Tengri”- the place when time doesn’t exist, where we are a drop in the ocean and the entire ocean as well. In our dimension, we are connected with this energy when we feel a part of everything. He is in the North.

Mother Nature, or Mother Umay is one of Four Big Spirits and we shall meet and learn from her in this course. Both Polish and Siberian Shamans put a big accent on our being present here first of all. Our connection with Mother Umay is the first step onto our Shamanic path.

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My name is Joanna Pieczurkin Amicucci, I was born in Poland and I’ve been living in Italy for almost 20 years now. I am a Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 15 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have with deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom.

  • Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki.
  • Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher.
  • European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism 
    Wonderful cook and animal lover!

In an earlier career I was traveling on cruise ships around the world, working as a cabin stewardess which gave me the gift of meeting many people of various cultures, traditions and with different habits. In answer to your question, “Yes~ It was that fun… and that hard.”

Since my youngest years I’ve been always guided by just one thought: it really doesn’t matter where our path will lead us, nor the influence of the external world on us. All that matters is our Inner Connection with our True Self!

Mother Nature, or Mother Umay is one of Four Big Spirits and we shall meet and learn from her first. Both Polish and Siberian Shamans put a big accent on our being present here first of all. Our connection with Mother Umay is the first step onto our Shamanic path.

Mother Umay feeds, protects and heals all creatures living on the Earth, including us. Adults and babies (also the ones that were never born). During our meetings we shall journey to her Yurt, for really special teachings and meetings.

Working together with our compassionate Spirits, they will also teach us how to recover our personal strength by healing the piece of our soul that is connected with Mother Umay – our personal Deer Spirit.

Every single creature (human, animal, plant), when born, always gets personal blessings from the Spirit of his Native Place. Let’s meet him, learn from him and let’s ask our Compassionate Spirits for his healing! It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in the place where you were born. We shall journey to meet him.

Our homes are the places where we should feel safe, loved and protected. Very often, even coming home from work or shopping, we bring with us the energies that may disturb the balance and harmony of our family members. Let’s create, with help of Mother Umay the protective amulet for our home – the spirit of our House will be so happy to receive it! This amulet will enhance love, protection and health for every person and animal living in our home.

Why is Altai Siberian Shamanism special?

Siberian Shamans believe that there is a soul in everything. Everything has its Spirit from people, animals, plants, our homes, to the stars in the Universe.

For Altai Siberians following their traditional teachings, the Universe is ruled by four Big Spirits: the Spirit of the Sky and future (Ulgen), the Spirit of Mother Nature and Earth, of here and now (Umay), the Spirit of the Past (Erlic) and the Big Creator (Tengri). Over a series of courses, we will explore and understand our connection with all of them, but in this course we are concentrating on Mother Umay.

Siberian shamans work with five pieces of our soul. Each of them is connected to a different Big Spirit of Creation. They believe that, after our death, one piece of our soul remains as a Protective Nature Spirit for the ones the person loved when was alive.

This is one of the reasons why they respect and honor all creatures and all nature spirits (of the mountains, of the sea, of the forest… but also of the single mushroom or ant).

Mother Nature (Mother Umai) and her Compassionate and Helping Spirits are very huge healers and teachers. The power of Siberian Shamans stands, among other things, in their connection with them. The shaman honors them, works with them and leaves them offerings… Siberian Shamans know that this is two way collaboration and that Spirits love our attention and offerings. In return, they embrace the shaman with compassion, fill his heart with love and work for him healing other people/ animals/ lands.

Still basing on the fact that everything has its Spirit – when making protective amulets, the shaman first thanks the spirit of the container (the stone, the feather and so on) and then invite the spirit of the protection for a person/animal/house.

Creating amulets/ talismans, creating a personal shamanic costume, awaking the spirit of the Crystal or Mineral means for them to create a tunnel (a conduct) from the Non Ordinary Reality to our dimension for Spirits. This is not amulet itself (as it is just a container) doing the job, but the Spirit residing in it.  We shall talk about this more during our course.

Siberian Shamans see and perceive the presence of four Big Spirits always and everywhere: in four seasons, in four stages of the day, in four elements. Even our body is divided following the energy of four Big Spirits.

For a Siberian shaman both Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Reality merge very tight and the shaman knows perfectly that whatever we do in the Non-Ordinary Reality, it will always resonate and bring changes to our physical world. And, on the contrary- whatever we do in our dimension, it will always resonate and create effects in the Non-Ordinary Reality.

What will you learn in this course?
  • The connection of the land to the Spirits, and Mother Umay’s special landscapes that you can find and honor in nature near your home, bringing you into right way with her from the start.
  • The meaning of the 5 symbols in the center of the map, especially the magic of Mother Ulmay’s Deer to give you the power and inspiration to create beauty in your life and in the world
  • How the Siberian Shaman enters non-ordinary reality through their Dream Body
  • The blessings of Mother Umay’s yurt and her nurturing. You, too, are her child.
  • Learning to measure your connection to Mother Umay, and improving it when the connection is weak.
  • Working with Mother Umay’s helping Spirits, and creating a physical alter that holds their power.
  • Connecting to our Amay Spirit, the Spirit of our birthland home.
  • Amulet creation for protection and blessing
  • And finally, empressing Mother Umay’s embrace with a personal symbol that immediatly connects you to her power.

You will love studying with Joanna

Each of your lessons, each Ceremony

always come at the right time, in synchronicity with life, with Nature. Thank you for your guidance and your accompanying us along this path that makes my heart beat faster. A beautiful path, not always easy, wonderful and transformative.

After yesterday’s Ceremony,

all day today I feel wrapped in love and am very calm. I had an unpleasant situation with my boss today and I was so very calm that I soothed her with my calmness. Throughout the night I had a feeling of closeness to Mother Earth. Thank you, Joanna, for reminding me how much I am loved and protected by Mother Umay and her compassionate spirits!

I love horses.

Last year I rescued one that was treated very badly. This horse was so afraid of people that he attacked everybody. For two months no one could get close to him. Only after 2 Ceremonies with Mother Umai and her Compassionate Spirits, I was able to get close to him. Today, our bond is unbreakable. We take long rides out, and I love to ride him without a saddle. Thank you Joanna!.
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