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Join a circle of friends, working together with Spirit and supporting each other on this amazing path. Gatherings every week for deepening your connection to Spirit, and to practice your Shamanic arts. Reviews of core lessons, and exploration into new areas with Shamanic Healing Arts and the Dragon Village. Supporting animals. Healing yourself. Helping your friends. Being part of something wonderful. This is who we are. Join us!

In the Dragon Village, Spirits teach us esoteric knowledge and we bring into form again. We become the conduits of their efforts to support the planet, help the people and animals, and restore beauty and harmony. In Shamanic Healing Art, we review the core healing techniques and expand our knowledge into a wide range of Spirit Gifted methods. Ceremonies bring us together every month, to deepen our connection and bring powerful healing to our communities and the planet.

Over a hundred hours of streaming content will guide you quickly from beginner to adept. Free courses to teach you the basics, recordings of mastery circles teaching shamanic healing techniques, ceremonies that bring you personal transfiguration and wisdom, deepening circles where we go to new levels with fresh experiences, so much goodness! All at your fingertips.

We matter. Our connection to Spirit matters. Our good work matters. 

Our circles and ceremonies are always directed by our Spirit Guides. Some of them reach back into age old traditions, but they do so with a fresh brush, a living energy from the Spirits who are so grateful to us for creating them.

Ceremonies open a gateway to a two way street. They are portals that you can step through to connect to your ancestors, teachers and grand Spirits. Join us for our next ceremony – you can find it on our events page. Mastery Circles explore esoteric wisdom, and teach fundamental shamanic skills. Practice Circles give you in depth experience, and allow you to be the client, getting the love from Spirit for your own (and your animal’s) needs.

SpiritHealer Mastery Circle Weekly Events

Journeying is the path to Wisdom

Mastery Circle offers a live zoom circle nearly every week, with programs for beginners to advanced practitioners. Our circles of loving people will become your home, as you deepen your connection to your Spirit Guides and develop incredible shamanic healing skills.

Beginner’s Path

Get started with the fundamentals: Sacred Space, Intention, your Sacred Tree, Power Animals and Teachers. Hop on board and take off flying, fast! Free for Mastery Circle Members. Some sessions open to non-members ($).

Dragon Village Banner
Dragon Village

The Dragon Village is a non ordinary community of esoteric masters who can teach you anything and everything you want to learn. We visit for knowledge and to engage in powerful ceremonies and initiations. Mastery Circle Members Exclusive.

Healing Arts

Carla teaches core shamanic healing techniques from her training, and 30 years of experience as a teacher and shamanic healer. Revisit the most important shamanic healing techniques, and expand our skills into new areas. Mastery Circle Members Exclusive.

Shamanic Ceremony

First Fridays at 11 am pacific. Initiations and guided experiences with deep shamanic connection to your Spirit Guides. Free for Mastery Circle. Others by donation or ($). Zoom.

Journey Circle Banner
Journey Circle

First Mondays. Our original Drumming Circle. We drum for a personal journey, and then we do a collective journey, often with huge power and intention. Free for Mastery Circle and always open to the community at large.

Community Healing Circle
Community Animal Circle

Mastery Circle members come together every other week to offer healing for Shelter and Rescue animals. You can practice your shamanic healing skills and give love to the animals! Usually the 1rst and 3rd Monday at 10 am pacific. Check Events to be sure. Charlotte leads. Email her to be added to the reminder list.

Journey Circle

First Mondays. Our original Drumming Circle. We drum for a personal journey, and then we do a collective journey, often with huge power and intention. Free for Mastery Circle and always open to the community at large.

Here is all the value you get in our Mastery Circle

  • Beginners Path courses and circles. Recorded and Monthly. $300 value
  • Dragon Village Mastery Circle. Carla. Monthly $30 value
  • Shamanic Healing Arts Mastery Circle. Carla. Monthly $30 value
  • Ceremony for celebration and transfiguration. Carla +. Monthly $30 value
  • Shamanic Healing Share. Carla +: monthly. Priceless!
  • Animal Healing Circle. Community led 2x monthly. Priceless!
  • Journey Circle. Carla. Monthly $20 value
  • Streaming access to Prerecorded classes and ceremonies – $$$!

Beginner’s Path in Mastery Circle

Mastery Circle includes a monthly Beginner’s Path meeting to support you on your way.

Karen Hixson leads your circle (currently on Fridays @ 11 pacific , but check events). She takes you through the 3 worlds, shamanic animal communication and other introductory classes, making sure all your questions are answered and you are solid on your path.

You will grow quickly by coming to all our events, because shamanism is nonlinear. So even advanced classes can become doorways for newbies to experience deep connection and learning.

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beginners path to shamanic journeying
Dragon Village Banner

What is the Dragon Village?

Our collective home, with Healers, Dragons, and Masters of Esoteric Arts.

The Dragon Village is a place where we meet Master Spirits of all the esoteric arts, and learn from them directly. We are the people who have brought the Dragon Village into a concurrent reality. The Spirits have reached out, and we have reached back. This is our home. Many of us work with the Sidhe in the village. It has infinite possibilities.

I work in the Village every day in my healing practice for animals and people. I go to the Clinic for healing from a wide range of specialists. The Map Maker helps clients understand where they are coming from, and shows them a personal path forward. The Sword Maker gives us our Sword of Sovereignty, of compassion and power. The Dragon Master – well that started it all! And now my whole world has turned upside as I have come into tight relationship with the Star Master, and the power of the Milky Way. You will find your creative genius in the Village. And together will help each other flourish.
We have many recordings from sessions in the Village available to Members. And we continue our exploration every month!

See Events for days/times.

Community Healing Circle

Animal Healing Community Circle

Weekly community healing circle, for animals in rescue shelter and foster. Led by SpiritHealer Circle Members

Join a dedicated group of strong shamanic healers who are helping save lives.Come meet the tribe, and connect for support with helping shelter animals, animals in need.

Mondays @ 10-11 am pacific.

Streaming Courses and Ceremonies

Mini classes, Ceremonies and more. Exclusively for members.

Your Mastery Circle Membership gives you access to over a dozen classes and ceremony recordings. You can experience healing and expand your knowledge base with these rich and wonderful shamanic circles. Enjoy!

Mastery Circle Course Catalog

2023 Winter Solstice Ceremony

2023 Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Solstice is a time to reflect on the deep an quiet parts of our lives and to prepare the ground for the center germination of the next year’s seeds. Our ritual embraces this contemplation – but goes farther in to the mystery. What does it mean to be an expression of the Universe? To […]

Coral Reef Ceremony

Coral Reef Healing Ceremony

Dragon Healing for the ocean reefs, fragile and essential ecosystems for all of life.┬áIn our Ocean Spirit Animal class we asked our new Spirit Guide the question, “How can I be of service?” I was told to lead a ceremony for the coral reefs. Here we go! We will begin by calling in the Spirits […]

Dragon Village Mini Class

Dragon Village Mini Class 2021

Fall 2021 recordings. Learn about the Dragon Village, then travel there to meet the master of ceremony. Co-create an equinox ceremony. Course Information Categories: Mini class, classes, Mastery Circle Tags: Dragon, MC23 Course Instructor Author   Dragon Village Mini Class Fall 2021 FREE   Enroll Welcome 1 of 1 Welcome Recordings 1 of 1 […]

Power Animal Connection

Power Animal Connection

Live on ZOOM March 20 @11 am pacific. Recorded of course! The fresh recording will be here on this course, and there are recordings of previous meetings too. Spend some quality time with your best friend.  Join us for a rocking good time! Power Animals protect, guide, heal and have fun! Our Power Animals are […]

Welcome 2023 Shamanic Ceremony

Ceremony to Welcome 2023

Activate your dreams for 2023 in a Shamanic New Year Ceremony that will bring you a personal seed of vibrance to grow through the entire year. FREE – Happy New Year! Free gift for you to welcome the New Year and get started on the right foot. (It’s a water rabbit year, and we need to […]

Calling in the Spirits

Calling in the Spirits

Every Shamanic ritual – ceremony, healing, personal request – begins with calling in the Shamanic Spirits. We are setting sacred space, and we are putting our full attention on our personal communication with our Spirit Guides. I have developed a specific way of doing this, listening carefully to my teachers. You can follow my path, […]

4 wolves ceremony

4 Wolves Siberian Ceremony

Traditional Siberian Shamanism Ceremony. Joanna Amicucci leads us in a traditional Siberian Ceremony of the 4 directions, calling in the sacred guardian wolf from each gateway. The results are astounding. This ceremony is perfect for everyone – regardless of their ability to Journey. Joanna has led this ceremony with people who have no shamanic experience […]

Limpia Ceremony

Limpia Ceremony July 2022

Live ceremony July 1, 2022 – Recording available for registered people. Our European instructor, Joanna Amicucci, leads a healing ceremony that has brought profound results for her European circles. Limpia is an ancient technique of shamanic energetic cleansing using a physical egg and an immensely powerful cosmic egg shimmering with creative source power. Joanna leads […]

Full Moon Ceremony July 2022

Full Moon Ceremony July 2022

When: Wednesday July 13 @ 10-11 and/or 4-5pm pacific Where – Zoom! Huge Moon! Let’s celebrate by journeying to her and learning about her overseeing the rhythms of earth, especially as we leave this comfortable climate time and enter global deep warming. We will get a prayer or ceremony we can perform at moonrise. ] And […]

Summer Ceremony

Summer Ceremony June 2022

We will fill our souls with the abundance of Mother Earth and Ecosystem we were born from. Each of us is like a flower born from the ecosystem of earth and our Spirit tribes. We may see ourselves as independent beings distinct from the land, but we aren’t. In this ceremony we will connect with […]

Big Dipper Ceremony

Constellations: Big Dipper

We are beginning an exploration of the ancient mythologies of the constellations by journeying to the Constellation to learn from it directly. Combining our direct knowledge with the stories from different cultures, we will create an all new, and extremely old, vision of the compassionate universe’s relationship to little old us, the humans with stars […]

Planets Mini Class

The Planets Mini Class

March 11 @ 10-11 am pacific. Course is recorded. Join us for a journey to some of our closest relatives. Venus, Mars, and Saturn. We will be asking each of them for a personal connection, and for a gift to give Mother Earth as we are working to restore Ecological and Human Balance. Discover the […]

Ukraine Ceremony

Ceremony for Ukraine

NEXT CEREMONY: Friday March 4 @ 8-9am pacific Beginning on February 25, 2022 we are gathering for ceremonies to provide shamanic humanitarian aid for those suffering from the Russian attack into Ukraine. If you choose to join us, please follow the protocol carefully. This ceremony is created to allow us to gather strong healing power, […]


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