Mastery Circle Membership 2

Mastery Circle Membership

Mastery Circle Membership 2

Mastery Circle Membership

Join a circle of friends, working together with Spirit and supporting each other on this amazing path. Gatherings every week for deepening your connection to Spirit, and to practice your Shamanic arts. Reviews of core lessons, and exploration into new areas with animal healing and the Dragon Village. Supporting animals. Healing yourself. Helping your friends. Being part of something wonderful. This is who we are. Join us!

In the Dragon Village, Spirits teach us esoteric knowledge and we bring into form again. We become the conduits of their efforts to support the planet, help the people and animals, and restore beauty and harmony. 

We matter. Our connection to Spirit matters. Our good work matters. 

Our Ceremonies are always directed by our Spirit Guides. Some of them reach back into age old traditions, but they do so with a fresh brush, a living energy from the Spirits who are so grateful to us for creating them.

Ceremonies open a gateway to a two way street,. They are portals that you can step through to connect to your ancestors, teachers and grand Spirits. Join us for our next ceremony – you can find it on our events page.

Here is all the value you get in our Mastery Circle

  • Dragon Village Mastery Circle. Carla – monthly $25 value
  • Animal Healing Mastery Circle. Carla – monthly $25 value
  • Ceremony for celebration and transfiguration. Carla/Joanna- monthly $40 value
  • Animal and Earth Healing Circle. Community led – weekly
  • Journey Circle. Carla – monthly $15 value
  • Prerecorded classes and ceremonies – $100s value
  • Admission to all the other practice circles that happen in conjunction with Animal courses.

Plus you get access to a members only library of ceremonies and mini classes. Plus exclusive Popup Circles! And we have a members only discussion list on

The Dragon Village is a place where we meet Master Spirits of all the esoteric arts, and learn from them directly. We are the people who have brought the Dragon Village into a concurrent reality. The Spirits have reached out, and we have reached back. This is our home. Many of us work with the Sidhe in the village. It has infinite possibilities.

I work in the Village every day in my healing practice for animals and people. I go to the Clinic for healing from a wide range of specialists. The Map Maker helps clients understand where they are coming from, and shows them a personal path forward. The Sword Maker gives us our Sword of Sovereignty, of compassion and power. The Dragon Master – well that started it all! And now my whole world has turned upside as I have come into tight relationship with the Star Master, and the power of the Milky Way. You will find your creative genius in the Village. And together will help each other flourish.
My idea is that we start with an overview, and then collectively create a schedule that meets our interests. Here are ideas for Jan-June 2022

January: The Dragon Master. Dragon rule this village, and we should begin by honoring them
February: The Map Maker. Charting our course for the year, and our lives
March: The Star Master. Milky Way season begins, and the Star Master will help us meet the power.
April: The Master Gardener. For us, the food is being harvested in April – but for many you are just planting seeds. Time to visit our Soul Garden
May: The Clinic. This is big place and is worthy of at least 3 episodes. We will start with one.
June: The store. This is a fun place, where you can get exactly what you need.

See Events for days/times.

This circle is an outcropping of the practice circles we do weekly with the Shamanism for Animals 12 week intensive. As it turns out, I used those practice circles to deepen the training, and to restate the core ideas. It worked really well, and lots of animals got big healing from it.

The vision is that we will have a theme each week, that draws upon the training from the Animal classes. Most of the people who join this circle will be graduates of the 12 week Animal Intensive. And there will be people who are taking the Animal Communication, Uzdro Reiki and Intensive courses for the first time. So we can support them and help them develop!
Here are the ideas I have for the first 6 months. I am open to better ideas and requests.

January: Communication. What does the animal have to say?
February: Storytelling from the Tribe. Healing and empowerment
March: Power Animal Retrieval, and ongoing support
April: Healing the household web
May: The Village Vet Clinic. Future medicine is especially interesting to me.
June: Communication with Wild Animals. (Like Snorty the Havelina?)

See Events for days/times.

Join a dedicated group of strong shamanic healers who are helping save lives. The subject alternates between healing animals, and bringing shamanic support for the earth and the enormous stress that climate change is causing. Come meet the tribe, and connect for support with helping shelter animals, animals in need and our earth home.

Mondays @ 10-11 am pacific.

We gather and say hello to old friends, and then do 2 journeys. One for ourselves, and one for a collective intention for the world. This circle is a lifeline for many of us, and it reminds us that we are all in the village, working together in love.

First Mondays @ 4-5:30 pm pacific.

We have a lot of wonderful work in our database. And I am committed to getting it into one place, all tidy and nice, for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for the lists. For now we have the Animal Mini Class, the 3 Cauldrons and several ceremonies. So cool!