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Mastery Circle Agenda

The working agenda for 2023 for our monthly Mastery Circle Dragon Village and Shamanic Healing Arts events


Dragon Village: Cooking with the Spirits! An Esoteric Master will help you craft the perfect personal recipe. A personal elixir.

Shamanic Healing Arts: Hands on Healing with merging.


Dragon Village: Meeting a meteor shower. On the wings of our Star Dragon we visit a recent meteor shower for information and a blessing.

Shamanic Healing Arts: Hands on Healing with Connected Flow


Dragon Village: Solstice wisdom with the Star Master.

Shamanic Healing Arts: Word Doctoring. Working with a partner the Spirits give us a magic word or phrase that will benefit them.


Dragon Village: Dragon’s Well. We learn about the source of Dragon’s power – to the extent we each are able. Together we weave the story.

Healing Arts: Transmutation (and extraction). We review the concept and learn new information about the mystery of it.


Dragon Village: Your well worn path. Led by a wise one, we follow a well worn path to see metaphors of what anchors us in our life, and what we may wish to let go.

Shamanic Healing Arts: Ecosystem merging. A way of resetting someone in their relationships and surroundings

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