The Vision Veil

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Dragons are about seeing things with crystal clear truth. They know who they are, and they know who we are. Dragons can cut through the illusions in a way that is highly effective. They can help you cut through the crud that keeps you in your stuff. This is about being in your integrity and truth. 

It is time to shed a veil that hides you from important objective truth. We all have some (cultish?) blinders, obviously unknown to us since that is the whole problem with these things. Your patterns, attitudes and defenses are fair game. Let’s shed a veil of whatever disinformation we operate in, and see the world as the dragon sees it. 

Journey: Set intention

Our very first step is to work with our teachers to help us set an intention that will be appropriate. This work is powerful, and you want to be careful to set the spiritual washing machine on the setting best for you. Gentle cycle, or heavy duty hot wash with extra fast spin – each of us is different. We will journey to set an appropriate intention for ourselves. 

Things to consider: relationship patterns, anger triggers, defensiveness, beliefs involving us/them, roles you play in family, work, society, things that make you wonder if you are in alignment with the best you can be. 

After having a conversation with your teacher, decide on an intention for the veil that you would like to shed. It may simply be “whatever I need at this time for my highest good”

Journey: Clearing your Vision Veil

Purpose: Journey to have your myopia lifted, the veil removed, and to be given the support you need to step into your new integrity. For your highest good.

Steps: Journey to the village and go to the Sword Master and their guild, the toolmakers who are crafting beauty in the world, like a river of inspiration and song flowing to those who have ears to listen. Present them with your desire, to shed your myopia and step into the beauty that is flowing in your life. 

You will be presented with a Dragon’s Eye – and you will step into it and through it. Once you are on the other side gather yourself and know where your sword is. Then summon your dragon.

Go on the quest.  Carefully note everything, and learn what your life steps are now. 

Return with gratitude. 

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