The Star Master

In our Cosmos class we also met the Star Master, who really knows the sky and sky Spirits. If you have not yet met your Star Master, that is the first part of the homework.

Journey to the Lady on the Hillside, and gift her something. Then ask permission to go to the Village, in order to meet the Star Master. Meet the Star Master and enjoy your visit. So fun!

You may find that both the Dragon Master and the Star Master are involved in helping you with this next question:

Journey back to the Star Master and ask this narrow question – How do Dragons connect us to the Cosmos? Can I experience that connection please, and will you help me?

Gabriel Roth Link

Alternative: Ask to meet a teacher/master in the village who is important to you now. Whomever and for whatever reason is perfect for you now.

Journey to Amy’s Message. Ask to learn more, or even to understand.

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