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SpiritHealer School of Shamanism offers a compete training program in Modern Shamanism, with Ancient Roots. Begin by entering the Spirit Realms through a place in nature sacred to you. The Spirits of that place will help you engage with them, and you will meet your Sacred Tree and you Power Animal. The Tree will show a safe space to meet Spirits inside the trunk, and the pathways to the Upper and Lower Worlds in the branches and roots. You will learn and practice the #1 core skill in shamanism, merging with compassionate Spirits, in all these classes. Welcome home!


Our Event Calendar shows everything scheduled on Zoom and in person. There is a lot! Plus we have a catalog of prerecorded streaming classes. Get started today!

Beginning Courses

Mastery Circle Membership FB

Mastery Circle Membership

Join a circle of friends, working together with Spirit and supporting each other on this amazing path. Gatherings every week for deepening your connection to Spirit, and to practice your Shamanic arts. Reviews of core lessons, and exploration into new areas with Shamanic Healing Arts and the Dragon Village. Supporting animals. Healing yourself. Helping your …

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Shamanism for Animals Intensive

Our 10 week intensive jump starts your Shamanic training, with hands on practice in the Core Shamanic Healing Arts. You will be able to effectively help animals with this work, I promise! Plus you will learn Shamanic Animal Communication – amazingly simple and profound. This intensive gives a solid basis in modern Shamanism. With this class you will grow and bloom for the rest of your life.

Mini Classes

Mini classes give an overview of a longer course and a sample journey. They are a great way to learn and to see what interests you most. SEE ALL

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