Full Circle Intensive Program

Deep Connection, Strong Healing with Trusted Spirit Partners.

Do you want to learn shamanism in a small circle of close friends? Do you want to help all the living beings we cherish – animals, people and our sacred places? This course takes you deep into the path, rich with the strong teachings of merging, empowerment and connection to the Spirits of nature that my teacher, Grandmother Sunflower, believes we should be emphasizing today.

Our Full Circle is a deep initiation into the healing practices of Core Shamanism, with lessons from the Sidhe, Dragons, the Cosmos, and more. Your Compassionate Spirit Ancestors will personally teach you healing practices as ancient as your bones. Your life will expand as you travel intra-dimensionally, remembering who you are and being healed with wisdom and truth. Courses are on our Internet Classroom on ZOOM. Most classes are 5 weeks long. Pricing is very reasonable. You will be in small groups with lots of personal attention. And no travel fees! You will get a complete immersion in shamanic healing, with shimmering revelations and deep healing experiences.

To enroll you must be comfortable journeying into the 3 Worlds with your Power Animal and Teacher. Our Intro classes (3 Worlds or Sacred Tree Shamanism) will prepare you. Other school’s intro classes are fine too.

The classes flow sequentially. However, you may take the subjects that interest you most. If you are taking the Exploring Series you will get introductions to many of the subjects.

The classes are SMALL, no more than 8 people. This gives us the intimacy that is important for learning sacred work. I will open sections at the days/times that are best for everyone enrolled.

Learn Extraction. Soul Retrieval. Power Retrieval. Healing with Nature. Working with Ancestors. Holding Deep Strong Intention to become a Powerful Bridge to Spirits. Merging with Spirits. Expanding Far Beyond your Limits and Dreams.  You will learn to perform shamanic healing on yourself and your community, including friends and animals. There are no limits to what you can learn, and become. We will cover an incredible amount of ground because our world has sped up. What took years and years for me to learn, I can share with you in a very quick time. 

Compassionate Spirits initiate you with healing, wisdom and truth 

The classes will build, teaching you healing techniques for all the common situations I see in my practice: chronic and acute illness, soul loss, helping animals and people transition and cross, connecting to the ancestors, working with the Sidhe, deep merging with Spirit Allies, and much more. There will be powerful initiations that will bring your mind, body and soul into alignment with the Spirits who are your true teachers and guides. 

My daily work is grounded in the techniques of Core Shamanism I learned from Micheal Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (beginning in 1986). It has expanded to embrace the mystical worlds of the Celts, my ancestors, who have painstakingly taught me their “signature” techniques: Spiral in Time Healing, Shamanic Soul Gardening, and Dragon Magic. We will introduce you to my signature shamanic practices in the core program. There are masterclasses that go into these in depth, which you can take as they are offered, during or after your core program. 

I offer a separate 12 week Shamanism for Animal Intensive. It covers core shamanic animal communication and healing. No initiations or personal spiritual practice – just a concentrated focus on our animal friends.

The Courses:

Beginning in 2021, the courses will not necessarily be offered in strict order. For example, we are offering Spirits of the Cosmos, The Dragon Village and Ancestors in the fall, before we offer the CORE 1-3 below. I am currently revising this page — so bear with me.. Thanks. 8-15-21

#1 Building Powerful Spirit Connections
Our personal relationship with compassionate Spirits is the center of everything in Shamanic practice. Everything depends on our connection to them, knowing who they are, honoring them, and learning to communicate and connect at the deepest levels. We begin our intensive with journeys and initiations that bring us into partnership with the Spirits who will be guiding everything that follows.

  • Calling in the circle: Spirit Allies for the client and for yourself
  • Honoring and Merging:  Connecting through Dance and Song
  • Receiving your Tool: drums, rattles, costumes, Spirit-gifted tools
  • Tracking with trust through the dimensions
  • Empowering your Tool and using it to heal
  • Initiation Ceremony: Dismemberment and Rememberment

#2 The Core Shamanic Healing Protocol
Shamanic healing is about diagnosing the issue, removing the intrusions and infusing the client with healing power. We learn these steps, both as a witness to the Spirits, and a participant in the process. This is the fundamental to your partnership with Spirit. 

  • Overview of the core steps in shamanic healing and helping people set intention
  • Diagnosis and Standing Witness
  • Intrusions and Extraction: Standing witness. Using your shamanic tool, in journey and hands on.  
  • Power Infusion: Spirit’s direct healing, and retrieval from 3 domains – plants, stars, earth
  • Putting it all together
  • Ceremony: Sacred Cord Cutting Ceremony

#3 Soul Retrieval
In trauma part of our soul may separate from our energetic center, leaving us weakened, and opening us to disease and depression. Shamans retrieve the lost soul parts and reinstate them, with the supporting power of compassionate Spirits to help us return to wholeness. Learn how!

  • Recognizing soul loss. 
  • Soul retrieval techniques 
  • Soul source retrieval
  • Wise words and supporting integration
  • Full healing practice
  • Ceremony: Spirit Canoe

#4 Partnering with the Sidhe and Trees
The Card Deck of the Sidhe is our gateway into the community of beings who live beside us. This class takes up from the Exploring class, with explorations into our personal partnership with the Sidhe.

  • Meeting the Sidhe through the Card Deck of the Sidhe
  • Divination using the deck.
  • Calling the trees and connecting with a Druid Guide (Ancestor?)
  • The Ogham Trees, each one’s sacred power and spirit. Circle of Trees, Circle of Power
  • Inviting your Sidhe Partnership
  • Cosmic Egg and Ecosystem

#5 Spiral in Time Ancestral Clearing (4 sessions)
This ceremony with the Sidhe to clear the unhealed wounds of our ancestors that manifest in our lives today. It is a bit involved, and incredibly powerful. The Sidhe taught it to me over a series of years. I use it frequently in my practice.  

  • Sacred Center:  Spiral teacher, sacred ground and the Middle Spiral
  • Upper Spiral: The Star Gate and the Upper Spiral and the Cosmos
  • The Lower Spiral: Our genetic heritage carried in our bones
  • Complete Ceremony

#6 Dragon Magic
Dragons are mythical, and real. Their wings are the shimmering surface between the worlds. They have the gentleness of your most tender Power Animal, and the ferocity of the fire they breath. They know who they are and do not suffer fools. Dragon Masters teach us how to partner with these incredible beings.

  • The village, Your Dragon Master, and a Dragon!
  • Who are Dragons? Naga, Dragons and Us.
  • Understanding Dragon’s Power
  • Quests
  • Dragon Eggs for your Development
  • The Village Library

#7 Ancestors

#8 The Afterlife and Psychopomp (some years #9)
Help people and animals cross. Support the person left behind. Bring healing back from our ancestors and relatives.

  • Communication and healing with an animal or relative who has crossed
  • Spirit Tribes. Connecting with the true family
  • Preparing animals and people for crossing
  • Psychopomp: Escorting the dead
  • Ceremony: Journey our own departure
  • Integration

#9 Shamanic Problem Solving (some years #8) 3 sessions
We are artists of the mysteries. Here we learn the craft of divination, and how to invoke magical support. These are important tools for me in my practice, and I think you will love them too. 

  • ABC! Figuring out best choices. Song and Word Doctoring
  • Shamanic mediation and resolving conflict. Dismembering an impossible situation
  • Divination. Shapeshifting vision. Tools/Decks. High Chair.

#10 Hands On Healing and Connected Flow
Shamans have always healed people by merging, putting their hands on and doing the work. We will do this old school for the first 2 sessions, using merging and our shaman’s eyes. Tuvan Drumming. Power Touch Hands. Rattle/tool work.
The next sessions will be Connected Flow – my unique hands on healing combining Shamanic power, Intuitive touch, and just enough knowledge of fascia and anatomy to be able to follow the body’s language. This class will give your hands initiation and empowerment. You will learn to listen with your hands, follow the energetic flow, and combine this with your shamanic skills – merging, extraction, empowerment, etc. The anatomy and physiology will be just enough to make you hungry to learn more. I just love doing this work on horses. You will love it too! At this time I am broadcasting a live training 3 hours each for 3 days. If you are local you attend the classes. If you are not, zoom it is!

#11 Spirits of the Cosmos – The Mirrored Dimensions
We step through the dimensional portals into the web of all possibilities – through time space and matter, to retrieve wisdom and embody power that can miraculously heal and change our lives

  • Claude Poncelet’s work on celestial bodies
  • Mirrored Dimensional Matrix: Mycillium, Fascia, Dark Matter – Journey to a Black Hole.

#12 Your Teachable Gifts – Our Blessings
We have worked with Spirit to recover techniques, ceremonies and wisdom from our ancestors. Now it is time to birth that knowledge. This class teaches you how to present the wisdom you have learned into bite sized pieces, so that you can teach others what you know. YOUR TURN!

  • 4 – 6 classes depending on the size of the class
  • The structure of teaching, and your gift to share
  • Sharing that gift with our circle. 

Shamanism for Animal Intensive – 12 classes
Shamanic Animal Communication
Communication with Animals using the Shamanic Journey. Solving problems. Uncovering Mysteries. Bringing Healing from the other side

Shamanic Animal Healing
The core shamanic healing protocol applied to animals as clients. Learn the protocol and develop your power in journey based and hands on healing for your animal friends.

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