Exploring the Middle World

Beginner’s Path Circle – April 2024

Get support from the SpiritHealer Mastery Circle as you take your first shamanic journey and meet your sacred tree and Power Animal. Even if you have been journeying for decades, this meeting will give you a fresh step in the shamanic world! I know it did for me, after over 30 years of shamanic practice.

In this meeting we revisit the work in Sacred Roots, to give you a clear connection to your tree and your power animal. And then, if everyone is ready to go, we will learn how our Power Animal is our guide in non ordinary reality. We will ask the Power Animal to take up on a tour of our sacred place in the middle world, from their point of view.

Our first journey will be a revisit of Sacred Roots journey, to make sure we are solid.

The second journey will be to ask our Power Animal to guide us, they may let us ride on them, or they may allow us to merge with them, and let us experience the non ordinary reality from their point of view. Whatever happens is perfect for you.

If people need more help connecting with a Power Animal we will adjust this journey to fit the needs of the circle.

In our discussion we will be emphasing the importance of being connected to one (or more) of our Compassionate Spirit Guides when we are taking a shamanic journey. Instructor: Karen Hixson

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