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Sowing Spring Ceremony

March 27 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm PDT

Sowing Spring Ceremony

Sowing Peace in the World and in our Hearts

Several of us are gathering at Carla’s house, and we will be on ZOOM connecting with you and sharing the ceremonial journey, meditation and the fire. Our ceremony will start with journeying to our Soul Garden to set intention. This can be personal issue and global affairs. We do need some strong collective intention right now. Then we will circulate through the Milky Way Spiral in my yard with offerings and prayers for each intention. We will close around the fire, singing love into our hearts and out into the world. (You can do the same in your home, your ZOOM phone in hand). All of this will be will broadcast live to you on ZOOM. Join Us!

Our agenda

First, We will call in the Spirits, and ignite the bowl of light with the Milky Way, and ask her to reach into our homes to enliven this experience. (And we will light the ceremonial fire). 

Second, Then we will do a short journey to set the intention for our personal ceremony. What are the 3 (or 5) things you want to sow? There are 5 spiral arms in the Milky Way. The number 5 is associated with the Fibonacci sequence which describes the growth patterns of every living thing. Maybe you have 5 intentions. Write them down. 

Third, we will gather herbs, seeds, crystals and grains for offering to the Spirits in our Milky Way Spiral, here at my home. For you at home, you will make offerings into little dishes, and rattle your prayers over them. Then later, you will share them with the sacred plants in your yard or community. 

In closing, we will gather around the fire and sing our prayers for peace, for growth, for wellness, for healing into the fire, as we offer sprinkles of native herbs in gratitude. Everyone on the Call will sing into our fire. 

Will You Join Us? This ceremony will bring the life force of the Milky Way into your Spring.

Not a Mastery Circle member? We welcome you to join us! Just $29 a month gets you 2 training circles and at least one ceremony, plus discounts on classes and a catalog of prerecorded courses. It’s a beautiful thing! SIGN UP TODAY and you will be automatically enrolled in this ceremony. That’s it. Easy peazy.

$19 or Free for Mastery Circle Members

Carla Meeske


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