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Sacred Roots

January 20 @ 11:00 am 12:30 pm PST

Sacred Roots for SAC

11-12:30 or 4-5:30 pm pacific

This is the first class in our Shamanic Animal Communication Series, and it is fabulous standalone introduction to shamanic journeying. THIS CLASS INCLUDES A PRACTICE CIRCLE on TUESDAY THE 25th at 11-noon, or 4-5 pacific.

At SpiritHealer we enter the Shamanic Realms by merging with a tree, in a place in nature that is deeply connected to us in our imagination and memory. Portals open. Power Animals appear, and another reality unfolds, filled with healing and wonder. This is our gateway to the entire Spirit World, and our power center for merging with the compassionate healing power that IS the Shamanic experience. You start here, and you return her over and over to anchor, expand and connect. We love our Sacred Tree!

You will meet your Power Animal., who will be your #1 guide through our Animal Communication Series, and beyond. This important Spirit protects you in all worlds (even in your car) and they guide you through the infinity of the shamanic worlds, following your intention and purpose.

I tailor this LIVE class to give everyone confident connection with their Power Animal in the Spirit World. This class is great for EVERYONE! And it is the first in a Shamanism for Animals series

$39 Single class.

Carla Meeske


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