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Merging to Listen: #3 in SAC series

February 3 @ 11:00 am 12:15 pm PST

Merging is the Secret Sauce in shamanism. Really. It is where all the deep connection and power comes from. There is a reason we dance our power animals. When you see videos of old shamans dancing in trance, they are merging with their Guides. We merge with your tree and Power Animal to make our Spirit Connection. We ask the animal to allow us to experience the world from their senses, to discover their world. When we merge with our client animal, their physical world experience is available for us to understand.
Animal Communication can really be simple, and this method allows the animal to share the things that matter to them. You just share what they share, and it all works out beautifully.

Register for the 5 part series, including 5 practice circles and 3 Worlds on Demand just $249. Miss a class? Sessions are recorded.

Yes – you may register for this class alone for $39, if you have the journeying experience. EMAIL ME, and I will get you enrolled.

You can continue your practice with our ongoing Animal and Earth Circles, and join the Mastery Circle for deeper training.

Carla Meeske


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