Eggs, Bees & Wax

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Eggs, Bees and Wax

Siberian and Eastern European Shamanism with Joanna

March 5, 2023

11:00 am – 12:30 pm pacific time. Repeating on Tuesdays for 4 sessions. Practice Sessions on Fridays from 11-noon pacific

Create tangible changes in your life, with old world shamanic ceremonies that bridge Spirit and Form:

Egg – The physical connection to the Universal Power Source, with the egg itself an effigy that holds this life force, and transfigures trauma.

Bee – Initiation by the magical beings that bridge all dimensions and create wax. Bees are the ancient spirits of soul recovery.

Wax – Melting trauma and recasting your life-form in beauty and balance. Carrying your dreams and prayers to the Sky Spirits, for creating your future.

Eggs and Wax are ancient and mysterious containers for transfiguration and restoration. With the magical enhancement of Bees, the sacred ones who hold nature in balance, you will experience the old world wisdom and the wonderful healing it holds.

Joanna is our European Director for Spirithealer School, teaching the Full Circle and Animal Intensives in Italian and Polish. Eastern European and Siberian Shamanism is her passion, and she has an extensive training with both living experts and her ancestor spirits!

Siberian shamanism focuses on Ceremonies, invoking long lineages of compassionate Spirits. These well worn paths form the basis, but the SpiritHealer School Sacred Tree, and the incredible power from Dragons and the Cosmos are interwoven through the classical forms, bringing new dynamic expression and strong healing results.

Experience the power of Siberian Shamanism, and of Joanna’s teaching in her ceremonies.

Candle wax ceremony

March 1, 2024 @ 11 am pacific $49 Free for mastery Circle Members.

Empower your soul’s original dream through traditional Siberian ceremonial magic.

Limpia Ceremony

On Demand. $29.Free for mastery circle members.

Three recordings of Egg Healing ceremonies that Joanna has led over the years. Very powerful!

What makes Ceremony Powerful?

Is there a secret?

A Key?

Effigies are physical objects that carry spirit in them. Eggs are effigies we use to contain intrusions. The egg actually can change dramatically when it absorbs intrusions.

Wax becomes the container for transfiguration, holding the healing wisdom of bee and expressing it as pure potential

The Bee Spirit is your guide to gently bring you into the tender moments changing the way you see the world. The ceremonies will transfigure you.

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Eggs are traditional containers for the darkest intrusions, and they show the level of the client’s suffering that the Spirits are transfiguring by changing during the healing session process. A fresh egg can become hard boiled, or rotten. Of course the egg can also not change, and the work can be equally as strong. We never know when the Spirits will use a physical object as a sign. But it is a god idea to have one at the ready.

Eggs are also filled with life force potential (dah). When we call in Spirits in a careful manner, the cosmic egg surrounds our sacred space in a shell of pure light and power. This becomes the container for the magic to transpire. The miraculous egg is both the potential to become new life, and the charge of life itself emitting from the cosmos and received by beloved Earth.

The Ceremony changed the physical egg!

So I held the egg during session. and had water with me too. Then i cracked the egg . It looked normal at first and then continued to cook? And change into like a soft poached egg! 


Joni participated in an Egg Healing Ceremony for Lyra on Jan 26,2023


Bess have been existing on mother Earth since ever. The earliest record of bee-human relations concerning this precious insects dates as far back as the Neolithic period (about 9,000 years ago): it is a cave in Spain, Cueva de la Araña, on the walls of which is depicted a bee nest and a honey gatherer.

In shamanism bees are considered as psychopomps  and healers as they communicate with all visible and invisible worlds.

In our modern word there exists also an alternative treatment called Apitherapy (bee venom therapy). People get punctured by bees, in order to heal from rheumatism and even- epilepsy. 

I didn’t like the fact that bees have to die in order to heal us, that’s why I asked Spirits to work with the Bee Spirit and – I assure you – the results are the same!

Part of honey is used to produce the wax. The wax is produced by female workers thanks to their glands.

Bee wax healing is very popular among shamans all over the world, as, like the Egg, also the bee wax has the power to extract blockages and to retrieve our lost personal energies.  In some villages  of Eastern Europe we can still find women that heal with bee wax.

Bees have been present in all mythologies. To collect pollen from flowers, bees can cover even the distance of 500 km! They always choose the best flowers in order to produce honey. So, next time when we eat honey, we should be aware that, actually, we are inviting into our bodies the wisdom of the entire nature. 

For example, druids used to cultivate bees and to produce with honey mead (or hydromel) and antibiotics.


Like Eggs, Wax hold the ephemeral veil between the worlds. You can melt away misery and create new structures using wax in a ceremonial way. It is powerful! There exist many ways of working with bee wax. In this course I will show you two of them: how to work with melted wax and how to create wax candles for the ceremony.

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Egg, Bees and Wax is our first course in the 2024 Siberian Shamanism Series. Joanna will offer courses at least 4 times a year, and preview the power of those trainings in Siberian Ceremonies. We are so excited to experience the healing power of these ancient rites, made new by Joanna’s connection to her ancestors, the Dragon Village Masters and the Spirits of the Cosmos. We are a beautiful expanding team of power.

  • 10 hours of training over 4 weeks
  • Non-members get a month of Mastery Circle for free!
  • Special Mastery Circle Members Pricing.
  • Classes are recorded, and we will have an active discussion list.
  • Your path in Siberian Shamanism will deepen your SpiritHealer Experience, giving you new tools and access to Spiritual connections that will take you as far as you are ready – your spirits know best!

Joanna is authentic to the core.

Joanna is the real deal. She has blood lineage, but more important her Spirit Guides teach her the most powerful methods in modern shamanic practice. She is well educated in Shamanic techniques, but her power and gifts come from Spirit. She will help you get out of your head and into your power. When she came to me Grandmother Sunflower said, “Teach her everything you know”. I have and now she is the one teaching me.
Carla Meeske
SpiritHealer School Founder



My name is Joanna Pieczurkin Amicucci, I was born in Poland and I’ve been living in Italy for almost 20 years now. I am a Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 15 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have with deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom.

  • Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki.
  • Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher.
  • European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism 
    Wonderful cook and animal lover!

In an earlier career I was traveling on cruise ships around the world, working as a cabin stewardess which gave me the gift of meeting many people of various cultures, traditions and with different habits. In answer to your question, “Yes~ It was that fun… and that hard.”

Since my youngest years I’ve been always guided by just one thought: it really doesn’t matter where our path will lead us, nor the influence of the external world on us. All that matters is our Inner Connection with our True Self!

You will love this class. The old world ceremonies are the roots of Eastern Europe (Slavic and Celtic) bloodlines. Come see what these ancestors know, and have them show you how to remember

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