Eclipse Blessing

Dragon Village April 3 2024

The eclipse is an event that is like stepping into non-ordinary reality, shapeshifting the world for everything on its path. It is the betwixt-between, the ephemeral space that allows our perspective to open and wisdom to enter.

Some of us will be lucky and experience this real time next week. (Most of us will see it on TV or YouTube.) We are going to experience the event in advance with our Star Master, and working with our Spirits, receive a gift of insight and wisdom. A blessing for something we are creating. The brief pause in the light allows us to bring forward the shadow and embrace it and make it a powerful part of our mission, purpose and path. Dark energy is the fabric that holds the light in form – I think anyway!

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Meeting summary for Carla Meeske’s Personal Meeting Room (04/03/2024)
Quick recap
Carla led the group in discussions and ceremonies related to the upcoming eclipse, emphasizing its significance as a time for self-reflection and personal transformation. The team also shared their personal experiences and insights, focusing on their spiritual journeys and the concept of ‘feeding’ dark energy. Lastly, the group explored the theme of evolution, transitioning from old symbolism to new, and the need for supporting each other on their unique paths.
• Carla will create a package for marketing the beginner shamanic circle to potential participants and share it with the group.
• Paul will explore the concept of feeding dark energy into the wolves as a metaphor for his own healing journey.
HA HA HA – Next steps…. AI ma
Carla’s Jazz Club Experience and Eclipse Plans
Carla shared her recent experience at a jazz club in Phoenix, where she enjoyed the music and the company of high school students learning to play. She also looked forward to the upcoming eclipse, which she planned to observe at her sister’s ranch in Canyon Lake, Texas, along with friends and family. Paul was invited, but he indicated he might not be able to attend due to other commitments. The group expressed their appreciation for the invitation.
Khmer Documentary and Eclipse Reflection
Carla shared that the organization could be participating in a documentary series about the Khmer people’s relationship with their land and food, and she invited others to join in group discussions about the documentary’s themes. She also led a meditation and reflection on the upcoming eclipse, suggesting it could be a time for personal reflection and resolution. She expressed her intention to create a unique sound experience during the eclipse, reflecting the journey through it, and encouraged others to join her in this experiment.
Spiritual Ceremony for Eclipse Connection
Carla led a spiritual ceremony focused on the eclipse, connecting with various spirits and energies to enhance its magic and beauty. She started by asking everyone to connect with a spirit guide and focus on the spirits of the sun, moon, and earth. Carla also honored various sacred trees, animals, and stars, and asked for their blessings and teachings. She then invited the dragons of each direction and asked for their presence and help in understanding the significance of the eclipse. The ceremony culminated with Carla and the group shaking their rattles to engage with the power and transfiguration of the eclipse.
Team Sharing and Spiritual Encounters
Carla initiated a round of sharing where each team member expressed their expectations and sought clarity on their current situations. Pat, Penni, Joanie, and others were open about their personal journeys and projects. The team also engaged in a discussion about the significance of lists and the possibility of a physical presence guiding their decisions. The meeting also included experiences of encounters with spirits, including a powerful one demanding Linda’s attention. The team looked forward to the session and the possibilities it might bring.
Eclipse Significance and Drumming Journey
Barbara asked about the significance of an upcoming eclipse in their journey. Carla explained that the eclipse is seen as a time for the group to present and resolve problematic or dilemma-ridden aspects within themselves. She emphasized that the eclipse’s darkness represents an opportunity for the shadow aspect of the self to come forward and be embraced, leading to personal transformation. Carla also mentioned that the drumming she would do during the eclipse would symbolize the journey and be guided by the spirits.
Personal Experiences and Insights Sharing
Carla led a discussion where participants were encouraged to share their personal experiences and insights. Carla shared her recent experience with the Dragon Village and the eclipse ceremony, highlighting its impact on her. Joanie then shared her unexpected but profound realization during the eclipse, where she saw herself as a growing, pregnant being and was reminded to treat herself with love, kindness, and gentleness. The discussion left room for each participant’s unique reflections and insights.
Spiritual Journeys and Dream Interpretations
The group shared their personal experiences and insights relating to their spiritual journeys. Barbara’s story about celestial bodies inspired Carla to serve brownies at a party, while Karen H shared her experience of a dismemberment process involving the integration of known and unknown. Pat’s dream about mysterious white wings was interpreted by Carla as a “Shamanic Theater,” and kate’s dream about a sun angel, a baby in the water, and a fight between a moon spirit and a snake was discussed for its symbolism. Charlotte’s dream about a Viking boat in a clear Dragon village was seen as a vision of future celebrations. The common theme of finding balance between masculine and feminine energies was noted, with several participants sharing their experiences of dissolution and reabsorption, and encounters with childhood soul losses.
Exploring Dark Energy and Personal Growth
The group discussed the concept of ‘feeding’ dark energy and its impact on personal growth. Paul shared his realization that interrupting this process could lead to greater control over one’s life. Carla raised questions about why some individuals continue to struggle, to which Karen H suggested that deeply ingrained stories and family histories could be contributing factors. The group agreed to explore this further through shamanic jamming circles, with the first focusing on the math science cosmos theme. Barbara and Joanie shared their experiences of negative messages from their family and church, emphasizing the importance of community support. The group also discussed the value of validating individual experiences and honoring individual journeys.
Evolution, Paco Workshop, and New Roles
The group engaged in a discussion about evolution, with an emphasis on the transition from old symbolism to new, and the need to let go of previous interpretations to make way for new possibilities. Carla shared her experiences with a Paco workshop and her new role as tribe leader, tasked with enabling members to create their own teachings. She also announced plans to launch a beginner’s circle and a marketing package to attract new members to their shamanic path. The group expressed their support and gratitude for the insights shared.
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