Dragon Village Mini Class

Dragon Village Mini Class

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Travel to the Dragon Village and meet the master of ceremony. Then co-create an equinox ceremony

The Dragon Village is our non-ordinary reality junction between the Sidhe, our personal sacred spaces, and many other dimensions. We travel there to meet Esoteric Masters, and learn the sacred arts. The tavern is our casual meeting place for friends and information. The clinic offers deep healing with modalities from every age and place, including the future. The haberdashery is the best shopping ever! The ceremony ground is where we gather for all our collective work. The opportunities in the Village are endless! Enjoy.

It’s harvest! What are you harvesting from the garden of your life? What of it do you offer to the spirits of the village?

Lets consider the sweetness of renewal as we gather our wood and get ready to tuck in for winter. What blessings do we wish upon the world this coming Spring? Ask your master of ceremony to give you a ceremonial idea, it can be something you will do after class. And or an offering for all of us in class.

Remember that the Dragon Village is where we gather for all our big ceremony. So be sure to visit on your own, so that the well worn path becomes known to your shoes.

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