Dragon Magic

Jan 24th, 2023 @ 11-12:30 or 4-5:30 pacific for 3 weeks

Dragon Magic 2023


Dragon Magic 2023 Mastery Circle Members


3 part class where you travel to the Dragon village, meet your Dragon Master, and partner with a Powerful Personal Spirit Dragon! Dragons hold the secrets of the dimensions, dark and light, and creation itself. They are strong being that command respect. You will step into the world of dragon as living partner, bringing their mystery into your form. And when that dragon egg hatches, your world comes alive in vivid color. This class is a foundational cornerstone of the SpiritHealer School Curriculum.

Your Dragon Partner

Dragons are mythical, and real. Their wings are the shimmering surface between the worlds. They have the gentleness of your most tender Power Animal, and the ferocity of fire. Dragons are perhaps the strongest and most capable Spirit Allies we know.

The Dragon Village

We journey to a magical village and meet our Dragon Master, who teaches us how to partner with these incredible beings. The village becomes our home for ceremony, learning and healing. You will meet Master Teachers, loving ancestors, fairies and more, and find your sacred place in our Spirit Village home.

Claiming your Power

Dragon Mastery is Self Mastery. Of course you are not going to become a black belt in three weeks, but you will retrieve your Sword of Sovereignty and be given a personal dragon egg – a promise for your becoming the wizard of your destiny. Dragons understand the power of pure creative brilliance, and the havoc of destruction. Like us. Your Dragon will help you know who you are, and become the master you seek.

Village people are your people

The most amazing thing to me about dragon village is it always provides whatever tools you need at the time of your journey. If you need something from the library, the library is easily accessible. If you need to go to the tavern for some reason to get a drink or a spell or something, it’s always open. The people of the village are your people, they come out, you’re never alone and they come out and support you in whatever capacity is needed at the time.
Full Circle Graduate

A sense of humor and humanity

Dragon village has taught me that the work is serious and powerful, but that there’s a sense of humor and a sense of humanity under it all.
Full Circle Graduate

The power is so up

It’s the most visceral of journeys that I take. Even I went there it’s like I’ve lived here been here before. And I always feel my journeys in that place. I always feel the most well cared for. You go to the lady on the hill, you have your Sword Master, you have your dragon, and it’s also where the most edgy work is done.
Full Circle Graduate

Everything is possible

In the Dragon village everything is possible. Just every single thing! All the transmutation and healing. You’ll feel a part of it just by accepting the existence of the dragon, which was in your heart. So then there is no there is no distance between the healer and the healed one. And you are with your friends and spirits.
Joanna Amicucci
Master Instructor – SpiritHealer School

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Dragon Magic 2023


Dragon Magic 2023 Mastery Circle Members


Every session is rich with Dragons and Wisdom

Meet Your Guide

Carla Meeske

Founder of SpiritHealer School, Shamanic Healer and Guide, Carla has over 20 years experience teaching Shamanism over distance technology – from phone to Zoom. Carla is the pioneer of Shamanism for Animals, and has graduated many talented healers. Her classes are fun, efficient and enlightening. You will supported through the many layers of Shamanic development. Carla will be there with you, every step of the way.

Carla Meeske Image
Carla Meeske


We limit our Animal Healing Arts and Full Circle Courses to 8 people on the ZOOM. You matter. Your journeys are sacred to us. We take the time to listen and learn from the tapestry of our experience. You will never be lost in the crowd.

Of course you may choose to take the course by recording and connect via the email list. Time zones, schedules – the class is full – it’s okay! We love you, and the email list holds us together, so we can share, partner and experience this incredible journey together.

Mastery Circles and CeremonIES

Larger gatherings for journeying, healing and ceremony several times a month. See the event calendar for all the coming events.

Animal Focused

Animal Healing Arts classes give powerful skills to those who want to help our animal friends. Animal Communication Series. Shamanic Animal Healing. Uzdro Animal Reiki. Regular practice and mastery circles with like minded animal lovers. You will become a strong Shamanic Healer if you follow the steps. Welcome!

Core Shamanism and beyond

Our Mastery Circle Curicculum teaches Core Shamanic Healing and an array of skills and experiences that bring people into confidence and power. Working closely with the Sidhe, Sacred Trees and your Spirit Teachers, you will remember who you are, and who you have been, and bring importance and value into this lifetime for yourself and your community.

You will love Dragon Magic. I promise! Welcome home.


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