Your Ocean Spirit Animal

This is the 3rd part of the course bundle for exclusive for Gifts from the Sea Giveaway participants.

Here you will find lessons with the Zoom information, course recordings, and any additional information I create for you. Thank you!

Part of the exclusive course bundle for Gifts from the Sea Giveaway 2023

Deepen your connection to your Power Animal with a special bundle from SpiritHealer School of Shamanism created for the Gifts from the Sea Giveway!
You get 2 video courses plus a live Zoom class where your Power Animal (and Carla) will bring you into the waves to meet your Ocean Spirit Partner. You begin by learning the Sacred Tree method of shamanic journeying, with our class, Sacred Roots. Then you grow your dynamic relationship with your Power Animal in Power Animal Connection. And on March 29th you are invited to a Gifts of the Sea exclusive zoom class, to meet you Ocean Spirit Partner and receive deep healing and personal wisdom.

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