Spiritual Protection

3 Part class for shamanic skills and spiritual empowerment for the difficult duties and times in our lives. 

Each class is 60 minutes, on Tuesdays. Practice sessions are 30 minutes on Thursdays. 11 am and/or 4pm. (4pm section subject to enrollee demand)

Soul Hiding with the Sidhe

Old Celtic magic for staying hidden and safe when entering dangerous waters. Protecting you when you are surrounded by intrusive energy. Led by Carla

Why and When: For me, this practice is useful when I know that I am going into a situation where people see me as an outsider or as someone in opposition to them. Some may even be hostile. For the most part my goal is to not be noticed or bothered. (Fa Fe!) But what if I have something to say, or do, and the light will be shined on me when I speak or do? This is the time!

Protection for Caregivers

Protecting your sovereign life force when you are caregiving. Working with a Spirit Teacher who will guard your soul and support your path.  Led by Karen Hixson

Why and When: You are in charge of someone else who really needs your help. It’s exhausting and you can feel your soul is leaking life force. Or maybe you feel that you have merged your charge into your energy, so that you can be totally on top of your job. While there are many great ideas for helping you with “caregiver burnout”, the shamanic issue is that your sovereign life force may get compromised in an unhealthy way.

In this class you will meet the loving and supportive Spirits who will help you create your mirror of sovereignty. This mirror will help you set up boundaries and protect your life force energy. When you ask for a mirror of sovereignty, you are asking for the energy intended for you to safely reach you. The mirror nourishes your life force rather than leaking it to others. This prevents them from using your energy for their own purposes.

Protection against Ordinary Reality Troubles

Creating a relationship with a special Spirit to protect against ordinary reality threats, like putting a shield of protection on your tax return. Old Voodoo work, filled with good power. Led by Carla

Why and When: It’s tax time. Your return is about to enter the big black IRS box. You want the IRS to simply process your papers without scrutiny. Even if your return is impeccable, an audit is a nasty affair. So lets get some strong protection on it!

Your or loved one is entering a system where rules preside over personal sovereignty. Hospitals. The welfare office. Insurance decisions. Courts. Custody. Passport office – the list is long! Put some insurance on it with your new Spirit friend.

In this class we will meet a voodoo Spirit who knows how to arrange things so that you are protected. There will be an exchange you make with this Spirit. It’s totally worth your effort, because this Spirit could be one of the most important friends you ever make.

Course Instructor

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