Spiral in Time 2023

What is the Spiral in Time? A ceremony given to me over years for healing a person and releasing them from the unhealed wounds of their ancestors and of their own past – their past lives or their personal history. 

The Spiral in Time is a gift from the Sidhe, given to me over many years. The power of it is universal, from the Fibonacci sequence to the wonders of the unorganized mirroring matrixes of dark matter, fascia and mycelium. The pure creative life force from our origin source powers the healing for the ancestors of all walks, whose unhealed wounds are manifesting in our current lives.

We work with the Dragon Village and our construction of the Fairy Circle, with the Howe in the center, to give us a sweet working space. Our client experiences being held in the constructs of our well known loving circle. But for us, the Shamans, when we cross through the Howe into the Spiral Circle, we enter a non-definable space bounded by boundless stars. If that makes sense! 

We will break the ceremony it into three parts to teach it. Then in Dragon Village we will practice it in long form to get our skills in place.

The Spiral is a three part project: above, middle and below. The Spiral ceremony unwinds trauma from the deep dark hidden past, buried in our bones. And it infuses us with the creative renewal, rebirthing us from our energetic source. 

  • We begin in the Middle Spiral, our contemporary life. Today’s little intrusions and issues. It radiates out from our core.
  • The Upper Spiral is like the branches of the tree, reaching into the starry power of our potential and perfection.
  • The Lower Spiral reaches into the stories of our ancestral history.

The spirals are indicative of time, but they are also infinite and they are fully contained inside us. They are like projections of the energy in us, the truth that makes us up. We are doing a healing on the current energetic manifestation of the client, even though it appears as stories of the past and the future. This is a big mystery. 

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Spiral in Time 2023


Mastery Circle Spiral in Time


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  1. Hello,
    This tree is known to me as Yggdrasil. The center of all of energies meets at this tree.

    The lower branches are of the personal past in which one faces their fears and wounds.

    The center of the tree is of history past, present and future. Much knowledge can be found here.

    The top part of the tree connects us to our higher power and the knowledge shared there.

    I have visited this tree many times on all three levels. I will be happy to share any of my experiences for anyone that asks. They are too much to put here.

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