Siberian River of Life Ceremony 2024

In the Siberian Shamanic tradition the concept of the River of Life is very well known as it makes part of the full cycle of reincarnation. We journey on our personal boat and we steer it. Events and people that took away our personal power for some reason are seen as Fish swimming behind the boat (we will talk about this more during our Siberian Shamanism Courses). How to retrieve our personal power? I will talk about it shortly before the Ceremony. It is easy and yet very powerful.

Joanna leads us on classical Siberian Ceremonies, to give us the healing from these long standing spiritual experiences, and to teach us about Siberian Shamanic traditions. In her courses she takes us behind the veil to learn the skills and methods of Siberian Shamanism. It’s a wonderful, authentic experience.

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River of Life Feb 2024

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