Shamanic Animal Healing Mini Class

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Mini Animals Aug 2021


Recordings of August 31, 2021 and previous times this class has been offered.

Class Description:

Carla shares her techniques as she performs them, so you can learn how Shamanic Healing for Animals is done. Several Rescue | Shelter | Foster animals will be helped, and some of your animals too! Then the whole circle will set the intention for healing all our animal companions and friends. Learn about our new program for supporting Rescue | Shelter | Foster, and our Shamanism for Animals Intensive.

Carla will perform a live session for 2 animals, describing what she is doing step by step. The class can ask questions and learn the little secrets for Carla’s work. Then we work together as a circle to offer healing for all our animals. Setting our collective intention and bringing in big compassionate power! SpiritHealer Circle Style!

I was live with you on I believe 3/29 when we healed an animal then you allowed us to call in our animals for a group healing. I had a problem for the last year with my male cat attacking and hurting my female cat. I was working with him and he was slowly improving but the terrorizing continued occasionally. Just so happened Bodie was next to me when the class was live so he listened and went into the healing state. It has been a month now with no more angry attacks and he is back to his young self. I thank you for this. Vivian

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Welcome and Call In

Jan 2022

August 31 2021

Healings from March 2021

Circle Healing for All our Animals from March 2021 

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