Power Animal Connection

Live on ZOOM March 20 @11 am pacific. Recorded of course! The fresh recording will be here on this course, and there are recordings of previous meetings too.

Spend some quality time with your best friend. 

Join us for a rocking good time! Power Animals protect, guide, heal and have fun!

Our Power Animals are our #1 support system. They protect us, guide us and show us our path in the Shamanic Realms. Meet your Power Animal at your Sacred Tree, and dance and play! We connect with our Power Animal, heart to heart, receiving messages, and blessings while deepening that connection through dance – a true initiation! Enjoy the celebration! 

Merging is the heart of Shamanic Practice

The heart of this class is the sacred shamanic art of merging. We will merge with our Power Animal and experience them in our bones for a long enough time to really feel the transfiguration. Merging is the heart beat of shamanic practice. It makes you a strong bridge for the Spirits to work through, to bring healing to the people and animals we love. When you see native Shamans in trance, dancing and singing, they are full merged with their Spirits. This is one of the most important things you can learn and a very important art to practice regularly.

Merging gives your Power Animal the opportunity to heal you directly! They will massage your body with gentle movements that release the stuck old stuff and restore some movement freedom. Try it!

Think of it like this: Merging is like going to the Shamanic Gym. It builds your ability to form and maintain a strong connection to your Spirits and the power they transmit. Dancing with Power Animals changes your capacity to carry Spirits power in your physical structure. This really is important because power is energy, and energy needs strong neurological and structural pathways to flow through.

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Power Animal Connection

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