Limpia Egg Healing Ceremonies

This course contains recordings from 3 Limpia Egg Healing Ceremonies that Joana has led for SpiritHealer School

Our European instructor, Joanna Amicucci, leads a healing ceremony that has brought profound results for her European circles. Limpia is an ancient technique of shamanic energetic cleansing using a physical egg and an immensely powerful cosmic egg shimmering with creative source power. Joanna leads us in this authentic ceremony, work that she recovered through journeying to her ancestors from her Polish and Siberian roots. 

She will ask you to set your personal intention for the Spirits to bring you healing, and you will be immersed in strong power. The Spirits come to help us, drawing the energetic issues into a physical egg, while the cosmic egg fills you with personal healing and power. Your Compassionate Spirits will oversee your personal experience so that it is in alignment for you. 

Limpia Egg Ceremonies Collection


Limpia Collection Mastery Circle


Here is a little explanation video from Joanna

Here is a YouTube Video where Carla and Joanna discuss the power of these ceremonies

Course Instructor

Joanna Amicucci Joanna Amicucci Instructor

Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 10 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have with deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom. – Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki. – Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher. – European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism  Wonderful cook and animal lover!

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