Dragon Power for the Climate

On November 4 2021 we did 2 circles to gather Dragon Power for the International Climate Conference. These are the recordings of those. You can use them to call upon the Power of Dragon to support beautiful things that you care about, with love. Please follow the instructions carefully. It matters.

Follow along with this session as we invoke the Spirits and the Dragon’s Power to send energy to the Climate Conference in Glasgow. We are asking the Spirits to be in charge. We are the bridge between human and Dragon, and our request is for them to do their best for helping the world be its best.

If you are interested in going DEEP with dragons, or on demand course of Dragon Magic and the Village is available now

I will be teaching this course live again in the fall of 2022.

Hugs, Carla

Course Instructor

carlameeske@gmail.com carlameeske@gmail.com Author

Dragon Balls for Climate


Working with Dragon

Morning Recording

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