Coral Reef Healing Ceremony

Dragon Healing for the ocean reefs, fragile and essential ecosystems for all of life. In our Ocean Spirit Animal class we asked our new Spirit Guide the question, “How can I be of service?” I was told to lead a ceremony for the coral reefs. Here we go! We will begin by calling in the Spirits in the powerful SpiritHealer way, and then ask our Dragon Partners to raise the power. Journeying we will each travel to reefs and meet their Spirit Guardians. With their permission and direction, we will supply them with Dragon Balls of power to help the reefs thrive. This is big medicine and I am honored that we are in service to one of the most endangered and critical ecosystems on our beloved Earth.

On Zoom. 60 minutes. Recorded and streaming for replays. $29. Free for Mastery Circle Members (you are pre-enrolled)

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Coral Reef Ceremony


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