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This is your home for everything included in your SpiritHealer Mastery Circle Membership. You will find the agendas, the recordings of our live circles, and links to get every class and event we offer in your membership.

Our most recent recordings

Eclipse Blessing

Eclipse Blessing

Dragon Village April 3 2024 The eclipse is an event that is like stepping into non-ordinary reality, shapeshifting the world for everything on its path. It is the betwixt-between, the ephemeral space that allows our perspective to open and wisdom to enter. Some of us will be lucky and experience this real time next week. […]

The Healing Well
MC Dragon Village

The Healing Well

This session was to discover a healing well in the dragon village, that we can use to help our fellow members. There are rules. Please watch this recording. When someone in our circle needs help, we can each on our own do this journey, and ensure the well has healing medicine for them. They can […]

Things are mostly self evident. However, some ceremony recordings are only shown under the course with that Ceremony name, so to access them you will have to look at “my dashboard/courses” or under the Free Courses section. I am cleaning this up over time…

  • Dragon Village Mastery Circle. Carla
  • Healing Arts Mastery Circle. Carla
  • Beginner’s Path Circle. Karen
  • Ceremonies. You will also find these in My Courses, as I haven’t cross referenced everything yet. Carla/Joanna
  • Animal Healing Circle. Community led
  • Journey Circle
  • Library of included prerecorded classes and ceremonies (you may be pre-enrolled, see My Dashboard/Courses. If not you can enroll in anything that interests you)
  • Discount on non-included ($) courses
Beginner’s Path

Get started with the fundamentals: Sacred Space, Intention, your Sacred Tree, Power Animals and Teachers. Hop on board and take off flying, fast! Free for Mastery Circle Members. Some sessions open to non-members ($).

See the Beginners Path section for the Courses and Recordings
Dragon Village Banner
Dragon Village

The Dragon Village is a non ordinary community of esoteric masters who can teach you anything and everything you want to learn. We visit for knowledge and to engage in powerful ceremonies and initiations. Mastery Circle Members Exclusive.

Healing Arts

Carla teaches core shamanic healing techniques from her training, and 30 years of experience as a teacher and shamanic healer. Revisit the most important shamanic healing techniques, and expand our skills into new areas. Mastery Circle Members Exclusive.

Recordings are in the Healing Arts section
Healing Share

Last Wednesdays at 4:00 pm pacific. Offer and receive healing for yourself or your animals. Mastery Circle Members Exclusive. These sessions are not recorded.

No recordings, but we have a leadership training you can take
Shamanic Ceremony

First Fridays at 11 am pacific. Initiations and guided experiences with deep shamanic connection to your Spirit Guides. Free for Mastery Circle. Others by donation or ($). Zoom.

Some recordings in the Ceremony Section
Others in separate Classes
Journey Circle Banner
Journey Circle

First Mondays. We drum for a personal journey, and then we do a collective journey, often with huge power and intention. Free for Mastery Circle. Others by donation. We post recordings when the session has collective knowledge from Spirit.

There are a few recordings in the Journey Circle section
Community Healing Circle
Community Animal Circle

Mastery Circle members come together every other week to offer healing for Shelter and Rescue animals. You can practice your shamanic healing skills and give love to the animals! Usually the 1rst and 3rd Monday at 10 am pacific. Check Events to be sure. Charlotte leads. Email her to be added to the reminder list.

Not Recorded

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  1. Hello Ms Carla
    The covid circle was Fabulous the other day Thank you so much for have me there.
    How much is it to jump in to this and is it to late?

    1. Not too late at all! The Mastery Circle is our membership site area. You get gobs of recordings and monthly gatherings with new teaching from Grandmother Sunflower, and a community of loving people who are there for you. JOIN US! Its $29 a month.

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