Mastery Circle Membership Area

This is your home for everything included in your SpiritHealer Mastery Circle Membership. You will find the agendas, the recordings of our live circles, and all the details inside.

Your membership includes:

  • Dragon Village Mastery Circle. Carla
  • Animal Healing Mastery Circle. Carla
  • Ceremony for celebration and transfiguration. Carla/Joanna
  • Animal Healing Circle. Community led
  • Journey Circle. Carla
  • Practice Circles for AC, Healing and whatever is on the schedule
  • Library of Prerecorded classes and ceremonies
  • Discount on courses

Course Instructor Author

2 thoughts on “Mastery Circle Membership Area”

  1. Hello Ms Carla
    The covid circle was Fabulous the other day Thank you so much for have me there.
    How much is it to jump in to this and is it to late?

    1. Not too late at all! The Mastery Circle is our membership site area. You get gobs of recordings and monthly gatherings with new teaching from Grandmother Sunflower, and a community of loving people who are there for you. JOIN US! Its $29 a month.

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