Ceremony for Ukraine

NEXT CEREMONY: Friday March 4 @ 8-9am pacific

Beginning on February 25, 2022 we are gathering for ceremonies to provide shamanic humanitarian aid for those suffering from the Russian attack into Ukraine. If you choose to join us, please follow the protocol carefully. This ceremony is created to allow us to gather strong healing power, and distribute to those in need, without engaging the darkness that is creating this horrid situation

As time is moving on we are adding ceremonies to the schedule. See events for the schedules, and below for the recordings. Live events are on our usual ZOOM. Thank you. Carla

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2 thoughts on “Ceremony for Ukraine”

  1. Hello my dear,

    My experience with ceremony this week has been two-fold and would’ve taken too much time to share in circle.

    Wednesday night, as it became clear to me that invasion was imminent, I received a vision of a multitude of spirits raising their arms toward a suspended brass bowl much like a Tibetan singing bowl. They were lifting the bowl to the heavens for healing light for Ukraine. As I joined them, the bowl filled with a liquid light which we collectively tipped toward the border.

    During today’s ceremony, my conduit spirit joined me at the bowl (filled with a glowing light) as I dove in to cleanse myself of my hatred and disgust for Putin and my anger over the grief and suffering he is causing the Ukrainian people and their animals. I fell asleep as I dove in and woke up as the ceremony wound down.

    Do either of these experiences have any significance?


  2. My focus in the March 4th ceremony was safety for women and children — grandmothers, mothers, children. Later in the time, it expanded to include adult children – men and some women fighting the war. But it was foremost for all Urkranian women, and then Russian and Ukranian women. War brings violence. It distorts minds and out of that come acts of brutality. In addition this war was a trick upon the Russian conscripts who were on an exercise – a lie. Lies and tricks are used to bring many – in this case, tens of thousands into a war. My hope was to support and comfort the women in terror and to moderate/transmute/clear the energies of brutality so women could live in peace – now and after the war.
    When one of the members at the end of this ceremony spoke of Mother Ukraine and Mother Russia and then, Mother Preuss(?)…all other nations formerly in this Russian federation — I had the sense that this was a sister of my wish, a mother wish – I give thanks for that powerful application.
    I came out of Cold War atrocities visited upon my mother and siblings and other mothers and children – in our community and in Canada – a very distorted response to fear of the mind control going on in Russia after WWII. Terrible things were done. It felt really good to use my resonance with war memories and make something transformative out of it. It gave dignity to our survival in the community of Quebec and Canada, a still buried iceberg of old wartime violence that required that I and another member of my family become refugees to get to safety. A different type of refugee. I now live in the US grateful for all I have been given by Americans, especially American women. Grateful forever.

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