Candles and Wax Siberian Ceremony

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Wax Ceremony March 2024


This ceremony uses old Siberian magic to help you manifest your dreams and desires. The power of fire, of smoke and the power of your intention combine to become an offering to the Spirits of the Sky. These beautiful spirits are the ones who help us heal and to become.

The first step is to work with your personal Compassionate Spirits to figure out what your real dreams are, the ones that make you dance! Joanna leads us step by step to help you connect to your soul’s original dream, your original intentions when you were born. This is deeper than your normal manifestation list (like a new job, house or relationship). It is so deep in fact that you won’t even have words for it. This is about your coming into harmony and balance with yourself, with your desire to become. When you feel your original desire, it resonates in you with a primal joy. And so, we begin with this, to come into connection with this desire and dream.

Then we begin, working with your candle and following Joanna’s leadership, the Spirit of our dream dances with the sacred smoke and wax, and your desire is carried to the great Siberian Spirits of the Sky. Father Ulgen is the master of the sky, and he brings forward the future. This is how the magic is born.

After the ceremony we will ask to pay attention to subtle shift in your life and in your world view. These ceremonies change us, really they help us release the limitations that we impose on ourselves. They help us stand in our power, in our original way.

We will journey to a candle in front of us. We will greet the wax spirit, We will have already set a formal intention and this intention has a Spirit. Calling that spirit forward, she will dance with the wax spirit. This is when the magic begins. We light the candle and through the spirit of the fire and the smoke, wearing that dream to Father Ulgen and the other sky spirits of the future, to make it happen as soon as possible.

This ceremony is an introduction to Joanna’s coming course, Eggs Bees and Wax. Bees connect all dimensions and all mother nature. Bees wax candles are also used for healing, extraction psychopomp, soul retrieval and power recovery. So they are far more advanced and useful than more common candles.

This ceremony will give us an introduction to the magic of candles, the spirit of the fire and the spirit of sacred smoke. We are being introduction a core idea, that your dreams are spirits too. And so the sacred smoke will dance with your dreams and carry them to Father Sky, Father Ulgen, who will add the magic you seek, for your dreams to come true.

Course Instructor

Joanna Amicucci Joanna Amicucci Instructor

Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 10 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have with deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom. – Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki. – Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher. – European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism  Wonderful cook and animal lover!

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