Animal Healing Community Circle

Community Healing Circle

Circle meets Bi- WEEKLY on Mondays @ 10-11 am pacific on Zoom
Led by the SpiritHealer Village Community, this weekly circle focuses on healing animals one week, and Earth healing the next. Animals are preselected by the community leadership.

ANIMAL HEALING: The focus is on rescue/shelter/foster animals, and for the personal animals of the consistent circle participants. Come to a circle meeting to meet the members, and learn the protocol. Prerequisite: Comfortable journeying, experience with shamanic animal communication preferred. FREE

EARTH HEALING: We follow the Shimmering Circle Ceremony protocol to gather strong power. We begin with a clear, collective intention. The leader will articulate this intention at the beginning so the circle is uniformly focused. Then we stand witness and hold the space as the Spirits direct power and healing to the intention. The Shimmering Circle Ceremony does not require you to have Shamanic Training to participate. Just be yourself, and stay focused on the leader’s guidance as the ceremony unfolds. It does help if you have done at least this class: Sacred Roots.

Your first step is to JOIN this course to have access to the zoom links, registration link for the email list, and any recordings or materials that the leadership provides.

The second step is to get on the email list – you will see how when you Join. The email list is especially important, as it gets you weekly reminders and the zoom link, plus you can request healings for animals, and learn what the coming topics are.

Questions? Go ahead and sign up – all the answers are inside.

Animals and earth


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