Animal Intensive Part 2 Healing

This is the second part of our 12 week Shamanic Healing for Animals Intensive

Diagnostics, Extraction, Power Infusion – this is what Shamanic Healing is all about!  We will learn about it by standing witness as the Spirit Allies perform their work. Being the bridge that allows the Spirits to help the animal. Much of the diagnostic work will be familiar to you from our first section. We will quickly cover extraction and transmutation, which are huge skills, but pretty simple to execute in most situations. We will spend more time on Power Infusion. This is the heart and soul of Shamanic practice. We will cover many kinds of power infusion, including Soul Retrieval for Animals. 

AM and PM Sections – just email me to say which you prefer. It always works out. Spirits are in charge! If one section gets too full, I will simply open a 3rd section choosing times and days that work for the class.

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Animal Intensive Part 2


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