3 Worlds Sept 2021

Welcome! This is where you will find your Zoom information and the recordings from our live class on Zoom in September 2021. This course is part of the 3 Worlds Sept 2021 Membership.

Meets Sept 14, 16 and 18 @ 9-10:30 am pacific
A new way to learn to journey. Enter the shamanic worlds by merging with a Sacred Tree and your Power Animal. Easily travel into the Upper and Lower worlds, and meet your Teachers there. This is the beginning of your extraordinary adventure! ​ We will go deep very quickly (My teaching style: fast, clear and supportive). Your imagination will expand and Spirit will show you amazing things. You will know it is true – because you will experience things that you simply could not make up! Step by step, you will become confident in your connection to Trusted Spirits.

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