3 Cauldrons

Find your true currency – your voice and gifts in the world. The Celts divided our body into 3 cauldrons. Belly, heart and head. This aligns with our Sacred Tree. Roots, trunk and leafy branches. It also aligns with the 3 Worlds. (Funny how that works). With movement we will connect with our three cauldrons, and then journey into each to meet a Spirit Guide. What wisdom is held for you in these sacred pots of living gold? Come find out! Your secrets are inside.

On ZOOM July 14 at 5-7 pm Pacific. Recording will be posted here

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Estimated Time: 2 hours


3 Cauldrons July 2021


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carlameeske@gmail.com carlameeske@gmail.com Author

2 thoughts on “3 Cauldrons”

    1. YES! It is perfect for the beginner. I recommend that you take the Sacred Tree Class so that you can journey and merge with your tree. Of course I recommend 3 Words too, because it really will give you a strong starting place. I am offering 3 Worlds live again in September. There is a calendar at the top menu — working away!

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