Cosmic Shamanism

The Cosmos is the new frontier in shamanism, just as it is for human exploration. We have so much to learn from the compassionate Cosmic Beings, from the Milky Way to Star Nebulas to Galaxies formed at the beginning of time. The great mysteries are ours to experience directly, as we journey into the Void, or through Space Time Wormholes. In our Spirits of the Cosmos courses we begin following the footsteps of my teacher, Claude Poncelet, and his seminal book The Shaman Within. Then on the wings of our grand Star Dragon, we expand into the newest Cosmic discoveries, exploring the universe and learning the magical truth about ourselves.

As Modern Shamans we can explore the NEW cosmos, and meet the Spirits of the Cosmic things, the Pulsars, the Quasars, the Dark Matter, the Galaxies, the Web, all these magnificent lights in the sky, and ask them to teach us beautiful ways of seeing the universe, and understanding who we really are. Nothing has changed my life as much as the class Spirits of the Cosmos. From when I sat with Claude maybe 25 years ago, through every time I have taught it over the last 5 years, EVERY SINGLE TIME my whole world view expands, and my vision of who I am and what I can be becomes boundless!

This connecting Earth and Sky is a secret to the mystery of Shamanic Power, and it is the absolute center of everything at SpiritHealer School. Beginning with our merging with our Sacred Tree, we grow as shamanic practitioners by becoming literal bridges of physical and spiritual energy to Spirit. Working with the Sprits of the Cosmos is the natural extension of this ancient rooted mystery. My feet are the roots. My head is the stars, My heart is connected.

Ancient Stories

In Native cultures the stars are maps of the myths and stories that explain cultures. When native eyes look to the sky they see the icons of their Spiritual Cosmology – the Bear, the Hunter, Changing Woman – all the constellations are living records of the stories, and sharing the stories invokes the Spirits of the Sky, bringing together heaven and earth.

And so in Mastery Circle and in specialty classes, we explore the Traditional Cosmos and meet the Spirits who are wedded to the constellations, with the wisdom and explanation of life and culture. Starting with the planets, we meet the Spirits often called Gods and Goddesses. Our own birth constellation is a wonderful journey to take – although we don’t teach shamanic astrology, we have wonderful friends who do who we bring in as guests. This is how we come to understand so much of the old mystery school teachings. It’s just fun!


MilkyNight Adventures

I am a nightscape photographer. I go deep into the places that are pitch black dark, and filled with the Spirits of the Land, including the original people who lived in these sacred places back in the day. When I photograph I ask the permission of the Land, and I ask the Spirits of the Sky to connect back to the land through the image. I do ceremony to awaken these Spirits, and to ask for their blessings (and to protect me as I am out there in the middle of the night!).

If you have adventure in your heart, and would like to go on retreat with me. let me know!

Grandfather Saguaro Milkynight

About Carla Meeske:

Carla Meeske is a long time Shamanic Healer and Teacher with over 25 years experience teaching Modern Shamanism with Ancient Roots. She graduated from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year advanced training in 2000, where she studied directly with the founder, Micheal Harner. She has gone on to study with many profound teachers, including Tom Cowan, Claude Poncelet, Sarangarel, Robert Moss, Micheal Dunning, Alida Birch, Sandra Ingerman, and many others.

Carla is an original shamanic healer for animals, having brought together Shamanism and Animal Communication to create the Shamanic Method for Animal Communication and Healing. Her book, The Calico Shaman, 2002 Cocorra Press, and the Instructional DVD, Speak to my Heart were landmark publications that started the genre and inspired hundreds to become Shamanic Healers for Animals. Carla teaches Shamanism through her school, SpiritHealer School of Shamanism [], and offers healing sessions through her home site,

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