Bumble Bee Retreat 2022

October 19-21, 2023. Bumble Bee Ranch, AZ. $600 includes 3 days of workshop, meals, beds and libations. And time with kitty Mini Boots – see the image below. She’s magic!

Bumble Bee Retreat 2022

1 seat has opened up. Text Carla @ 623-776-6922 to grab it, or email

Magical Medicine of Earth and Sky

Our theme for the Retreat is Magical Medicine. We will meet the Spirits who will guide us on our path to create Magic and Medicine to give us creative light and power in our lives. Like life itself, this Medicine will become alive through the energetic connection of Earth and Sky. Working with journeys to the Stars and Constellations. To Dragons, to the Village, to our Ancestors and our intimate Spirit Allies, we will ignite our passion and create our personal vision for creating our best life as we move forward.

Sacred Ceremony in our beautiful Spiral and Crossroads

Magical nights under the stars. Beautiful days in the Sonoran Desert. Deep Shamanic experiences with a close circle of friends. Fabulous food, laughter and celebration. Our 12th annual retreat is the pinnacle of the SpiritHealer School experience.

We have two empowered labyrinths at Bumble Bee, and we will be working with them to create Magical Medicine for ourselves and our communities. Our Spiral is so strong! We have been generating incredible power in the Spiral for over 10 years. And last year we added a crossroads where the compassionate Spirits of the 4 directions come and stand with us through our retreat. The sacred space of Bumble Bee is land that crosses between the worlds. Come see and experience the power.

Over the last 2 years I have been developing an intimate relationship with the Spirits of the Sky, and in doing, I have met resident Spirits of the land as I stand in their homes with a sense of honor and wonder. My relationship to the land, to Spirit and to myself has shifted. This year at Bumble Bee we will open a Gateway to the Compassionate Spirits, and meet new teachers who will be our fresh guides, giving us new eyes and new inspiration as we step into the next chapters of our lives.

Bumble Bee is a sacred retreat, but is not austere! You will enjoy fabulous food and drink in delightful company. We work hard and we play happy. You will love it – come join us!

$600 includes accommodations at Bumble Bee, incredible food, (moderate) libations with dinner and of course, amazing Shamanic journeying experiences. As I can accommodate, airport transportation and sleep over at my house before and after. These last are not promised. Paula and Virginia have dibs, which leaves 1 open bed at my house. But there are nice hotels nearby.

Bumble Bee Retreat 2022


$100 non refundable deposit. $500 Balance due at retreat.

Is Bumble Bee for you?

Do you love connecting with authentic land filled with native Spirit? Do you love animals and the romance of the old west? Do you find deep joy in being nurtured with delicious food and lovely company? Do you want silence of a starry night, and the laughter of friends? Do you want to experience a bundle of magic in your heart and soul? Connected to the stars and the land like ribbons of light held by the shimmer of the dragon’s wings? Bumble Bee is for you. Join us!

Bumble Bee Magic

From the Stars to the Saguaros, Bumble Bee is filled with life and Spirits. We have been meeting here for 10 years, and the land loves us as much as we love it. Come meet the Spirits who support the Ranch and all its residents. And see the long horn cattle, the herd of loving horses, the pigs and chickens and of course the Ranch managers family. You will become part of that family too!

Bumble Bee Retreat 2022


$100 non refundable deposit. $500 Balance due at retreat.


Fly into Phoenix on Monday or Tuesday AM. We gather at Bumble Bee in the afternoon/evening of Tuesday, and begin our formal gathering at 10 am on Wednesday – through noon on Friday. Bumble Bee is about 1.5 hours north of Phoenix. As we get closer we will figure out local transportation. Between my car, a rental car or two and Tara the Chef we can usually get everyone where they need to be. Some of you may want to come earlier ( or stay later) and tour Northern Arizona. Grand Canyon, Sedona, and all our beautiful places.

We rent the Big House at Bumble Bee. It has beds for 7 and sleeping mats for more. There are 7 spaces (and 6 beds) open for registration. We all stay in the house. If you prefer a separate space the Ranch has cabins as well. These are above and beyond the $600 price. You will need to reserve them for yourself. Our fee for the house includes you regardless if you sleep in the house. Call Kelly and she will set you up. 623-694-1165 (Perfect for those who want to bring a partner who is not shamanically inclined.)

You will love Bumble Bee, I promise!

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