Beginner’s Path

Our mission to get you journeying fast. Your compassionate Spirit Guides will ensure the path is perfect for you.

beginners path to shamanic journeying
  • Beginner Path Classes: Build your connection through journeys and initiations.
    – Sacred Roots
    – Power Animal Connection
    – 3 Worlds: Sacred Tree
  • Beginner’s Path monthly Mastery Circle, to give you support and to guide you step-by-step. (Mastery Circle membership required)
  • Ceremonies and Mastery Circles that expand your vision, stretching you far into Old World Shamanism and New Cosmic Dimensions – with the support of guided experiences, and simple step independent journeys that are perfect for beginners
  • Intensive training program that teaches you all the core shamanism techniques in the context of healing animals. It’s less pressure, and incredibly rewarding. Perfect for animal lovers (and Spirithealer is a community of animal lovers first and foremost!)

Sacred Roots

As easily as you can remember your favorite tree, you can step into the Spirit world. Your Sacred Tree holds the secrets. This is the simplest way to begin shamanic journeying, and it is authentically yours. Welcome home.

At SpiritHealer we enter the Shamanic Realms by remembering our loving connection to a tree. Our imagination and memory fills. Your Sacred Tree stands with you, and portals open. Power Animals appear, and another reality unfolds, filled with healing and wonder. 

In this FREE class you will follow the sacred path Grandmother Sunflower laid out for us, and begin your shamanic journey. It’s easy, beautiful and fun!

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Power Animal Connection

SpiritHealer Mastery Circle is inviting you to a dance with your Animal Spirit Guide (your Power Animal). When you dance with your Power Animal, you are honoring them and they are embracing you. The first, and most important shamanic initiation is merging with our compassionate Spirit Guides. We will do that with bells on our toes! It is so fun, and so healing. Learn the most fundamental shamanic technique, and strengthen your bond. And as a bonus, you will very likely meet a NEW! Power Animal. Because when we open the doors, the Spirits who love us are happy to finally step into our hearts.

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Power Animal Connection FBc
3 Worlds 1080

3 Worlds: Sacred Tree Introduction to Shamanism

Your Sacred Tree is your doorway. Your Power Animal is your guide. Merged with these Compassionate Spirits, explore the dimensions and meet your Upper and Lower World Teachers. You will discover incredible beauty, and find sacred space for your personal healing. Your Spirit Guides will welcome you with love. 

This is the beginning of a lifetime of Shamanic exploration and learning. Deep healing and inspiration. Learning to heal animals and yourself and your community. Shamanism is a path for beauty in your soul and your life. Shamanism is pure magic!

3 classes with BONUS lesson: Retrieve a Power Animal for a friend. Over 5 hours of training.

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Beginner’s Path in Mastery Circle

Join the Mastery Circle and come to our monthly Beginner’s Path meeting, as well as all our other events – nearly 8 hours a month of live zoom circles.

Karen Hixson leads your circle (currently on the 3rd Thursday @ 11 pacific , but check events). She takes you through the 3 worlds, shamanic animal communication and other basics, making sure all your questions are answered and you are solid on your path.

You will grow quickly by coming to all our events, because shamanism is nonlinear. So even advanced classes can become doorways for newbies to experience deep connection and learning.

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beginners path to shamanic journeying

Watch our sample session

Upper World Exploration
Beginners Path

Upper World Exploration

Beginner’s Path Circle – May 2024 In our first class we reviewed Sacred Roots, and settled into our place in nature, with our Sacred Tree and Power Animal. If you have not yet reviewed this recording, please do so! This is our first exploration of the Middle World. Please review the Upper World lesson from […]

Lower World

Lower World

Beginner’s Path Circle – June 2024 Karen led us on a simple but really powerful journey into the Lower World. If you are new to Shamanism, this session will give you confidence. Entering the Lower World is like stepping into your ideal dream. Enjoy this, and may you be blessed by the Spirits you meet.

Sacred Tree, Power Animals and more from the blog

garden with soul gardening
Beginners Path | Mastery Circle | MC Beginners Path | MC Dragon Village | MC Healing Arts

Shamanic Soul Gardening

Dragon Village & Healing Arts & Beginners Path Part 1: June 24, 2024 | Part 2: July 10, 2024 | Part 3: July 24, 2024 Creating bounty and beauty in your life Soul gardening is a life changing practice of tending our lives in conjunction with Spirit. We begin by determing what we want in […]

Upper World Exploration
Beginners Path

Upper World Exploration

Beginner’s Path Circle – May 2024 In our first class we reviewed Sacred Roots, and settled into our place in nature, with our Sacred Tree and Power Animal. If you have not yet reviewed this recording, please do so! This is our first exploration of the Middle World. Please review the Upper World lesson from […]

Who is your Spirit Animal Guide?
Beginners Path | Video Blog

Who is your Spirit Animal Guide?

Subscribe to the SpiritHealer YouTube channel today! I’m excited to share insights about Power Animals that I have gained over my 30-year journey as a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanism. Spirit Animals – those guides who join forces with shamanic practitioners to facilitate healing and illuminate the world with compassion, beauty, and light. Who […]

Spirit Animal Post
Beginners Path | Sacred Roots

Your Sacred Spirit Animal

Would you like to meet your #1 Spirit Animal? Training in shamanism with SpiritHealer School starts with a simple meditation that becomes a Shamanic Journey and you will quickly meet your Spirit Guides. In our class, Sacred Roots, we begin by remembering a beautiful place in nature, and immerse ourself into it with all of […]

These 3 classes are just the start. Keep going!

Mastery Circle Membership

3 or more monthly meetings, plus a deep library of recorded lessons and ceremonies.

With 3 Worlds you are ready to dive into the Spirit World, and we welcome you into our community. All of our ceremonies are beginner friendly, as they are partially guided journeys. The Dragon Village is easy to access, and welcomes you exactly as you are. Your teachers will help you with what you need to become confident and grow. The Healing Arts meetings may be a little over your head at first, but give it a try and be surprised at your capability.

Simple Shamanic Animal Communication

May 2024 (dates/times TBD)

Animal Communication is easy with the Shamanic Journey. Your sacred space is the meeting ground, and your Spirit Guide helps you and the animal open up and connect. You will be amazed at what you will discover from an animal you have never met, and how much more you will learn from those you know. We will practice the basics and you will say “I’ve got this!”. Registration coming soon

Shamanism for Animals Intensive

Shamanism for Animals Intensive Image

10 weeks starting October 11 @ 9-11:30 am pacific

Shamanism is the perfect bridge for connecting with animals, and empowering them to thrive. You learn Animal Communication and core Shamanic practices to help and heal. You will talk with the animals, and then work to fix the issues you find. Your Spirit teachers do healing work on the issues revealed, and they may offer advice to the humans as well. In 10 weeks you will grow so much confidence and Spiritual connection. Welcome home!

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