Animal Mini Class v2 FBc

Animal Healing Mini Class – Sept 2022

Thank you so much for participating in our Shamanic Animal Healing Mini Class. Here are the recordings from the 2 sections:

Sept 14, 2022

Morning Section

Healing for Cats, Dogs and Horses

Sept 14, 2022

Afternoon Section

Healing for Cats, Dogs and Horses

Starts October 5, 2022

Shamanic Animal Healing Intensive

Hear them. Help them. Heal them. 

Shamanism is the perfect bridge for connecting with animals, and empowering them to thrive. This course is both a training in core Shamanic Healing practices with animals as the subjects, and in Animal Communication. You will talk with the animals, and then work to fix the issues you find. Your spirit teachers will do healing work on the issues revealed, and they may offer advice to the humans as well. In 10 weeks you will grow so much confidence and Spiritual connection. Welcome home!

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