Healing with our Ancestors

Sharing our love with our ancestors of blood, community and the web of life

January 5 – 26. Four sessions @ 10-12 pacific

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Your Trusted Ancestor Guide

Your Trusted Ancestral Guide – Who looks over you, cares for you and guides you through the most challenging and the most beautiful paths. The Spirit who you can ALWAYS rely up to help you be your best. You are their seed. They know you.

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Star Dust to You

Even though we are humans today, our ancestors come from all creation. The sacred tree, the lioness, the stars themselves – we are all related. Discover your ancestors from the whole universe!

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Soul Cottage Welcomes All

We can meet our ancestors in our Soul Cottage and reconnect them in our lives, healing us, and supporting them, to bring beauty into our entire creation.

Over 4 weeks we will reconnect with our embodied wisdom

Meet Your Guide

Joanna Amicucci

Shamanic Healer and Teacher with 10 years experience teaching animal healing arts in Europe. I was born in Poland, and have deep Siberian shamanic roots from my mothers lineage. Working directly with my Spirit Ancestors I have recovered powerful ceremonies and healing practices, which I teach in workshops in my home in Northern Italy, and on Zoom. – Creator of Uzdro Shamanic Animal Reiki. – Usuri Animal Reiki Master and Teacher. – European Instructor of the Spirit Healer School of Shamanism  Wonderful cook and animal lover!

Joana Amicucci

We limit our Full Circle and Intensive Courses to 8 people on the ZOOM. You matter. Your journeys are sacred to us. We take the time to listen and learn from the tapestry of our experience. You will never be lost in the crowd.

Of course you may choose to take the course by recording and connect via the email list. Time zones, schedules – the class is full – it’s okay! We love you, and the email list holds us together, so we can share, partner and experience this incredible journey together.

Circles and CeremonIES

Larger gatherings for journeying, healing and ceremony several times a month. See the event calendar for all the coming events.

Animal Focused

Rescue and Shelter classes give powerful skills to those who want to help our animal friends in shelters, rescue and foster. Animal communication. Reiki. Ceremonial healing. (larger classes)

The Shamanism for Animals Intensive: 12 week immersion into Shamanic Healing for Animals and Shamanic Animal Communication

Core Shamanism and beyond

Our Full Circle Program teaches Core Shamanic Healing and an array of skills and experiences that bring people into confidence and power. Working closely with the Sidhe, Sacred Trees and your Spirit Teachers, you will remember who you are, and who you have been, and bring importance and value into this lifetime for yourself and your community.

You will love Ancestors. I promise! Welcome home.


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